4 Potential Moves Los Angeles Lakers Must Make to Help Kobe Bryant

Matt Madsen@mmadsen5Correspondent IIFebruary 7, 2012

4 Potential Moves Los Angeles Lakers Must Make to Help Kobe Bryant

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    After another disappointing road loss, it's time for the Lake Show to make a move. Point guard play has been by far the most inconsistent (or nonexistent) position for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, and they would do well to address such an issue before it's too late.

    Despite leading the NBA in scoring, Kobe Bryant has been largely unsuccessful in winning games for the Lakers. With a 3-9 away record, they simply have not been able to produce enough to take teams down in their own buildings.

    On a night when Kobe became the NBA's fifth all-time leading scorer, rest assured he would've liked to win the game. Acquiring a point guard may be just the thing that gets them a few more wins this season.

Jonny Flynn

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    Jonny Flynn is an interesting player. Drafted as a lottery pick by Minnesota in 2009, Flynn had a somewhat eye-opening rookie season for the Timberwolves. After injuring his hip during his sophomore season, though, Flynn simply hasn't looked the same.

    But a change of scenery and some playing time might be all Flynn needs to revitalize his career. Currently buried behind Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic in Houston, Flynn is getting an absurdly low amount of playing time. What's more, Chris Broussard of ESPN reports the Lakers have already inquired about Flynn.

    His buying price may be lower than his true value being that he currently doesn't see much of the court.

Ramon Sessions

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    While Kyrie Irving gets all the publicity, Ramon Sessions has been a fantastic backup for the young point guard. In barely 22 minutes a game, Sessions is putting up nine points per game, along with five assists.

    Give this guy starter minutes, and he could blossom.

    Give him starter minutes on the Lakers, and he could be a star.

    With Cleveland's abysmal roster, it's a wonder that anyone could get assists. Yet Sessions currently boasts an assist-to-turnover ratio better than 2.5:1.

    Again, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard, the Lakers are already considering a move for Sessions.

Steve Nash

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    Steve Nash has been around the NBA for a long time.

    His Phoenix Suns have long been fierce rivals of the Lakers, the two squads having met in the playoffs on numerous occasions.

    And yet, with the Suns dwelling in the Western Conference cellar, it is almost certainly time for Nash to go. While every team plays to win the game, all Nash can do for the Suns now is lessen their chances at a high draft pick. With Nash off the roster, the Suns instantly become a contender for worst record in the league.

    And with Nash, who leads the NBA in assists, the Lakers could become a favorite for the NBA title this season.

    While Nash won't come for free, the 37-year-old already stands to become a free agent after this season. The Suns may feel it's better to get something for the former two-time MVP than nothing.

Dwight Howard

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    Andrew Bynum has been the second-best center in the league this year. Averaging career highs in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals, it's safe to say that few people saw this coming. But as good as Bynum has been, Dwight Howard has been better.

    Not only better this year, but better for several years.

    In no way am I suggesting the Lakers trade Bynum in order to get Howard. While it would be beneficial to the Lakers to trade them one-to-one, it would be far more advantageous to have both of them.

    If there is any way that the Lakers can have Kobe, Bynum and Howard on the roster at the same time, they need to do it. While Kobe is not exactly known for his willingness to pass, Howard does not demand much of the ball offensively. He does a great deal of his damage on offensive rebounds.

    Not to mention he positively delights in both rebounding and blocking shots.

    Though the Lakers problems have been primarily at the point this season, the addition of Superman would certainly turn the Lakers into the favorites in the West.