Why Chris Jericho Will Win WWE's Elimination Chamber

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2012

Why Chris Jericho Will Win WWE's Elimination Chamber

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    A few weeks ago, CM Punk sat atop the wrestling industry as the "Best in the World."

    Suddenly, he’s not sitting as cozy, thanks to none other than Chris Jericho.

    The legendary Canadian wrestler sent Punk—and the entire WWE—a message on the most recent Monday Night Raw

    Jericho is a serious threat to unseat Punk as WWE Champion.

    I’ll go a step further and proclaim that Jericho will win the illustrious belt at WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view Elimination Chamber. 

    Here are some reasons why.

He's the Last Man Entering the Elimination Chamber

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    If you watched the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, you saw WWE Superstar Chris Jericho have a pretty solid night at the office.  Not only did Jericho spin a great promo calling out WWE champ CM Punk, he also reaped the benefits of Punk’s dirty work en route to winning the six-pack main event.

    That means that Jericho is now the last man into the elimination chamber at the eponymous pay-per-view.  I don’t know the succession rate of the last man of wrestlers in the past when it comes to winning an elimination chamber match (I’m sure hardcore IWC members can come up with the research there).

    Still, you’d rather be the last wrestler in than the first.  Jericho is in prime position to leave the elimination chamber as the last man standing.

Punk Can Be Just as Great Chasing the Title

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    Current WWE Champion CM Punk captivated an entire audience in early summer 2011 when he was chasing John Cena for the title.  And despite the fact that Punk currently has the title wrapped around his waist, not much has changed; he’s just as entertaining.

    That goes to prove that Punk is equally as effective when he’s chasing the title as he is when he owns the title—the sign of a great performer.  So if WWE gives Chris Jericho the belt at Elimination Chamber, that sets up a best-case scenario.

    It gives the beloved Jericho the gold, while allowing Punk to chase the title headed into WrestleMania, where…

It Sets Up an Epic CM Punk Victory at WrestleMania

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    What’s better than having CM Punk retain the WWE Championship at WrestleMania?  Having him win it all on wrestling’s biggest stage, of course.

    If you give Chris Jericho the belt at Elimination Chamber, it perfectly sets up an epic Punk win at WrestleMania in Miami.  In a way, it would be a good way for Punk to come full circle.  After all, Punk rose to the top of the industry after his title win over John Cena at Money in the Bank back in July 2011. 

    A title win at Mania would serve as further proof that Punk is undoubtedly the Best in the World.  

It's a Good Ploy to Lure Chris Jericho into Staying in WWE

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    There has been a rumor circulating on the Internet that Chris Jericho isn’t staying in WWE very long.  Apparently, he’s going back to his band—Fozzy—in the summer of this year.

    Giving Jericho the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber might be a great way to throw him a bone and keep him with the company at least through the end of the year. 

    It would be a solid way for Vince McMahon and the bookers to show Jericho that WWE truly appreciates the fact that he returned to give the company a much-needed shot in the arm.

It Gives WWE Fans What They Want--Finally

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    Everybody and their mother out there in the Internet Wrestling Community was sure that Chris Jericho was going to win the WWE 2012 Royal Rumble.  When Sheamus kicked Jericho over the top rope for the victory, many fans were truly shocked by the outcome. 

    On a side note, my friend held his hands on his head in a shocked reaction to what he witnessed from Sheamus’ victory; I consoled him by informing him that wrestling was fake.

    If WWE wants to truly respect the IWC’s opinion, they will give Chris Jericho the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.  At the very least, it will serve as minor compensation for that fact that—in the eyes of many—Jericho should’ve walked away as winner of the most recent Royal Rumble.

WWE Shouldn't Book CM Punk as Unstoppable Monster

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    A major reason why many WWE fans detest John Cena is the fact that he was booked as some kind of unstoppable force. 

    What many CM Punk fans may not yet realize is that the current WWE champ is being built up the exact same way.

    Think about it. Since Survivor Series 2011, CM Punk has dominated the competition.  Best in the world or not, it’s not good business for WWE to build up a guy who’s 220 lbs soaking wet and looks like he hasn’t hit up a gym in years as an unstoppable wrestler. 

    Yet, that’s who Punk exactly is at the moment.  He hasn’t come close to losing that precious WWE belt. 

    That’s exactly why they need a formidable opponent like Jericho to come through at Elimination Chamber. 

    It will at least show the WWE audience that Punk is not invincible.  

Don't Underestimate Chris Jericho

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    WWE Superstar Chris Jericho opened the door for a very valid point of rhetoric during his awesome promo on the most-recent episode of Monday Night Raw.  Sure, CM Punk calls himself the "Best in the World" right now.

    However, there was a brief time several years ago where Jericho could lay claim to the same title.  After all, only Jericho can lay claim to the fact that he was the first undisputed champion and that he pinned the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night.

    What’s CM Punk’s best accomplishment while in WWE?

    Sure, he’s a back-to-back Money in the Bank winner, but that pales in comparison to what Jericho has accomplished in his WWE career.  But wait, Punk beat the unbeatable John Cena at Money in the Bank last year!

    That’s fine, but he had 20,000 people cheering him on in person.  With that much overwhelming support, even I could’ve won the WWE belt.

    In essence, Jericho has accomplished a lot in his WWE run, arguably even more than Punk has. 

    It won’t surprise anyone if the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla leaves Elimination Chamber with the WWE Championship.