7 Reasons Why Triple H vs. Undertaker Rematch Shouldn't Happen at Wrestlemania

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 7, 2012

7 Reasons Why Triple H vs. Undertaker Rematch Shouldn't Happen at Wrestlemania

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    It looks like the Undertaker and Triple H are going to face off against each other come WrestleMania 28.


    The match will be interesting and fans will get behind it, but it is played out and there isn't anything to gain by doing it again. There are better options that would benefit everyone involved.

    This match is going to be the Undertaker's last and Triple H will give it his best, but at this point it wouldn't be enough.

    Here are seven reasons why this rematch is a huge mistake.

Fans Have Already Seen It...Twice

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    Triple H sold the fight last time as a meeting of great wrestlers. He sold it as a match that fans had never seen before.

    Except they had.

    Fans first got to see Triple H face off against Undertaker at WrestleMania X-7. The match they had 10 years later was also great, just for different reasons.

    But they have done everything they could. It is akin to asking Shawn Michaels to have a third match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania because the first two were great. While fans might watch there isn't much more the men could do to tell a story.

    The bout would be great, but it would tarnish the memories of the other two.

    The same thing will happen with Triple H and Undertaker if they decide to have a third WrestleMania match.

Triple H Doesn't Need the Push

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    Triple H is a legend.

    Even if he had retired years ago he would still have done enough to get into the Hall of Fame and be considered one of the greats. There is nothing he can do to change that or diminish it.

    There is also nothing he can add to it. At this point Triple H has done everything and now needs to move on. If he was the only one who could have a match with the Undertaker it would be understandable.

    He isn't.

    There are plenty of young wrestlers in the company who would love to have a shot at the Streak, especially when it is for the 20th win. While most lack the name brand and star power to push the fight, there are a few that could do it.

    Unfortunately, fans won't get to see those few be given the chance.

Both Men Are a Little Older

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    There are few wrestlers in the WWE that can match the ring psychology of the Undertaker and Triple H. Combined, both men have what it takes to make a great match.

    At least mentally.

    The only problem is that their bodies can't keep up anymore.

    The Undertaker is 46.

    Triple H is 42.

    It's hard to write those down and believe them, but it is the unyielding truth. Both men have learned their craft and are excellent at it, though they have to have slowed down a step.

    It would be better if Undertaker were to face a young, but experienced wrestler who could quicken the pace and work with the older legend.

There Could Have Been a Better Option

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    This WrestleMania the Rock was pulled out to have a match with John Cena.

    It looks like Chris Jericho has come back to face CM Punk.

    There should have been at least one other star they could have brought back to face the Undertaker.

    Who it could have been is an enigma, but there has to have been at least one option floating around in the world somewhere that would have lit fans up and got them more excited.

    The WWE decided not to do that and it is a shame.


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    While I personally am not a fan of this option, at this point it would make more sense.

    A re-masked Kane is something many fans have wanted to see and there is a contingent of fans who want to see vintage Kane and the Undertaker have one last match. The appeal can't be denied for anyone who has been a fan since the 90s, but it wouldn't do much for the current product.

    Still, it is worth remembering that it would have the emotion of two men who have worked closely together and that would shine through in their performance.

    The major thing holding it back is Kane's involvement with Cena and the fact that the Undertaker is more of a neutral character now.

Fans Deserve Better

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    A lot of fans buy WrestleMania to see the Streak continue. They watch because the Undertaker has been there for them and has given them great moments in a business they love.

    This is probably the Phenom's last match and to have it come down to facing Triple H in a rematch because the Undertaker was so badly beaten feels weak. It doesn't feel the way many of his matches have in the past.

    That is a shame because fans have supported the WWE and the Undertaker through all of the strange and different incarnations both the man and the company have held.

    They deserve better than to see this match.

Undertaker Deserves Better

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    Above all else, the wrestler who has helped make WrestleMania an iconic status that it is, deserves better.

    Undertaker has done everything that was needed and beyond. He is going to step into the ring in March and there is almost no chance that after the Streak hits 20-0 he won't disappear.

    Many might think this is harsh, but remember the sendoff Ric Flair got. Not the one on RAW, but the one at WrestleMania.

    He got a match with Shawn Michaels that may not have been the greatest ever, but held a great amount of emotional significance for fans.

    It also gave Flair the retirement he deserved. True his retirement didn't last as Flair returned to TNA wrestling, but if it had it would have been one of the most impressive endings of a career.

    The Undertaker deserves no less.

    Hopefully, he won't have to settle for it.

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