5 Best Catches in Super Bowl History

Richard SchlaudContributor IIFebruary 7, 2012

5 Best Catches in Super Bowl History

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    Playing in the Super Bowl is every player's dream. Scoring a touchdown in the game is an unbelievable feeling. Making an incredible catch when it matters most can stamp your name forever in the memories of the millions of fans who love this game.

    The National Football League's crown jewel is the Super Bowl, a game every player imagines playing in since they were young. Few ever get there. Fewer ever make a lasting impression.

    For the ones that do, that single moment in time is magical.

    Here are the five best catches in Super Bowl history.

#5: John Stallworth's Over-The-Shoulder Catch in Super Bowl XIV

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    Facing a crucial 3rd and 7 in the 4th quarter, Pittsburgh QB Terry Bradshaw connected on a 45-yard pass down the middle to John Stallworth, who made an over-the-shoulder catch that was barely beyond the outstretched hand of Rod Perry. The Steelers would go on to score a touchdown and eventually win Super Bowl XIV.

#4: Mario Manningham's Sideline Catch in Super Bowl XLVI

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    New York Giants receiver Mario Manningham will forever be remembered for this spectacular catch down the sideline to help the G-Men win Super Bowl 46. The Giants would go on to score with less than a minute to go in the game, defeating New England 21-17.

#3: David Tyree's Amazing Catch Against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

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    Late in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 42, the Giants faced a 3rd and 5 from their own 44-yard line. Quarterback Eli Manning escaped from what appeared to be a sure sack and launched the ball downfield to a leaping Tyree, who somehow managed to catch the ball against his helmet while fighting off Rodney Harrison on the way to the ground. The 32-yard gain set New York up for the game-winning touchdown with 35 seconds to go.

#2: Pittsburgh's Lynn Swann Juggles a Catch Against the Cowboys

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    In the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl X, Pittsburgh's Terry Bradshaw completed a 53-yard pass to Lynn Swann to get the ball inside the Dallas 40-yard line. Swann's catch has become one of the most memorable acrobatic catches in Super Bowl history. The Steelers would go on to win Super Bowl X, 21-17.

#1: Pittsburgh's Santonio Holmes' Catch Downs Arizona in Super Bowl XLIII

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    Pittsburgh began their final drive on their own 22-yard line, trailing 23-20 with 2:37 left in the game. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger moved the Steelers down the field and, with 35 seconds remaining, threw a perfect pass into the corner of the end zone. WR Santonio Holmes caught the pass for a touchdown, managing to land with his toes inbounds before falling out of bounds. After a booth review, the touchdown pass stood. Holmes would be named MVP and the Steelers became the first team to win six Super Bowls.