NHL Trade Speculation: 10 Least Movable Contracts

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NHL Trade Speculation: 10 Least Movable Contracts
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With the trade deadline quickly approaching, teams are beginning to realize whether they will be buyers or sellers this season.

Some teams are looking for the missing piece that will help take them to the playoffs and contend for a Stanley Cup. Others have realized that their hopes of a playoff run are slim—they will look to rebuild for next season by trading players for draft picks and prospects.

When it comes to making a trade, however, there are some obstacles that a team has to consider, including a unattractive contract.

Such things like no-trade clauses or lengthy contracts can scare potential trade partners looking to make a deal.

If a team has plans of pursuing a specific player, it could end before it even starts if that player has a no-trade or no-movement clause and decides he does not want to play for a specific team.

A lengthy contract can be a huge risk for any team. They have to hope that this player will continue to deliver for several years. If their play becomes unimpressive, a team will struggle to trade him and may have to write a hefty check to buy that player out.

When it comes to pursuing a player in the NHL, the contract the player possesses can be a big issue standing in the way, but these 10 players' unattractive contracts create possibly the biggest issues in the league.

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