WWE News: Potential Gimmick Change Coming for Drew McIntyre?

Colin Stone@Colin__StoneContributor IIIFebruary 6, 2012

According to LordsofPain.net, there have been suggestions backstage of giving The Sinister Scotsman "a makeover."

The article says:

There has been talk of giving Drew McIntyre a makeover with his current storyline where he becomes more of an "arrogant playboy. Despite appearing to have his job in jeopardy, there are no plans to drop Drew from the SmackDown storylines."

My thoughts? Bring it on.

Drew McIntyre has charisma—just watch this video. Unfortunately, during his time in the WWE, he has been laboured with a boring gimmick and hasn't had any real opportunities to show his talent.

However, if he is given this "arrogant playboy" gimmick (which seems a little Orton circa-2004, but still), it should give McIntyre more creative freedom and a chance to show everyone what he's capable of.

Drew has long been touted as a future world champion, and at the age of only 26, he has time on his side.

But having said that, the man from Ayr was barely seen on television in the past 12 months and has only now started making regular appearances back on SmackDown.

I'm not sure how soon this gimmick would be implemented (if it's to go ahead at all!), and it might require some time away from our screens, but I, for one, would be looking forward to a transformed Drew McIntyre. If he found a gimmick that clicked, he would be headed straight for the top. He has "the look," he has the in-ring skills and now, does he have the gimmick?

Only time will tell.


And that's the bottom line, 'cause Colin Stone said so!

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