MMA: Watch Crazy Double Knockout as Cage Door Fails

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 6, 2012

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Sometimes, not every fight is exciting in the way fans expect it to be.

UFC 143 wasn't the barn-burner fans wanted, but the only controversy it was marred with was the scores turned in by the judges.

Fighters who face off in smaller promotions run the risk of not having a boring fight, but one that defies the rules and possible outcomes.

Both men, Brandon Bishop and Braedon Wardin, in the video mentioned lost by double knockout. There is nothing shocking about this, though it is unusual. Double knockouts happen from time to time and it is just part of the sport.

...Except the fighters in question didn't knock each other out.

The cage did.

In an apparent malfunction, both men were pushed through the cage floor and onto the ground.

It's hard to imagine why a promoter let this happen. While mistakes do occur when it comes to having to men compete in something like MMA, it shouldn't be taken a lightly.

Allowing combatants to fall on hard ground is something that looks amateurish, and thanks to the age of the Internet, people can see all over the world.

Still, the fighters do get up at the end of the video to a standing ovation and walk out of their own accord so it appears as if nobody was seriously injured.

In the end, it's just another strange occurrence in MMA.

And somehow, just like double knockouts, strange moments like this one are a part of the sport as well.


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