4 NBA Players Who Need to Be in the Dunk Competition

Alex Ramirez@@alexramirez127Correspondent IFebruary 6, 2012

4 NBA Players Who Need to Be in the Dunk Competition

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    There will be a new dunk champion this year. Why? Blake Griffin has already denied that he will be in this year's competition.

    NBA has created a dunk ladder for this season and at the top is Blake Griffin. Right below him is the King himself, LeBron James. Both players would be clear cut choices for the competition, yet both do not want to attend.

    The great thing about the NBA, LBJ and Griffin aren't the only players who can throw it down. There are many others in the league that will be considered for this, like John Wall, Deandre Jordan, and maybe even rookie Derrick Williams.

    Those are just some to be considered. Here are the four who NEED to be in the 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Competition.

Rudy Gay

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    Consistency is the number one word to describe Rudy Gay and his dunks. His athleticism was missed greatly last season in the Grizzlies amazing playoff run.

    As you can see in this video, Rudy Gay is an animal in the open court. The best part about his dunks are his ability to finish. He has style throughout his approach, but he finishes with power.

    Rudy Gay would be amazing in this competition.

Andre Iguodala

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    Speaking of power, say hello to Mr. Andre Iguodala. He was a part of the 2006 dunk competition where little man Nate Robinson stole the show.

    It's time for him to redeem himself.

    Putting AI in this should be a no brainer. Besides LeBron, he may be the most powerful dunking three man.

Paul George

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    Paul George is an up and coming star in this league. He has the ability to hurt you from both outside and inside.

    He probably hasn't made a name for himself dunking the ball yet, but the dunk shown here might spark that run.

    When the NBA is picking players for this competition, they should definitely watch this dunk over and over again.

DeMar Derozan

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    In my opinion, Derozan was robbed last year. His dunks were outstanding, but he fell into the hype trap.

    He lost in a competition where Blake Griffin won for jumping over the HOOD of a car. I'm sure there is at least twenty other players who could've finished that same dunk.

    DeMar deserves a second chance. He's one of the most improved players this year, but is being overlooked because of the team he plays for.

    It's time for his shot at fame once again.