Tim Tebow Gets Flirty at Super Bowl: Why a New Girlfriend Is Around the Corner

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 6, 2012

Big Blue may be the new champions of the world, but it's league sensation Tim Tebow that has fans' attention...as usual.

As if we haven't had enough Tebowing for a lifetime, it seems he finally popped his cherry. Yes, he did it: Tim Tebow "Tebowed" with someone else.

OK, your pupils definitely dilated for a second there. You were worried, weren't you? Well, don't fret, the seemingly-holy quarterback is still as pure as ever, but we'll tell you why he won't be for long.

Television host Maria Menounos has never shied from the camera and never ceases to attract eager male eyes, but it's her willingness to be patient with Tim Tebow that has us intrigued.

In the world of this religious quarterback, Tebowing is just as magical as flirting, just as sexy as a date. It's a moment we can all appreciate.

Ah, don't we wish for the biggest NFL sensation to finally tie the knot with the girl of his dreams, the woman he's stayed innocent for? Yes, especially if her name is Maria Menounos.

It was a precious moment, a chance to become one with a woman.

Considering she was "his first" (of course, at least in regards to Tebowing), this seems like a juicy new situation that could easily develop into something more.

It's about time the biggest celebrity in football gets himself an exuberant new WAG to stand by his side.

His quest is almost complete. Almost.