MIA's Halftime Show Middle Finger vs. Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 6, 2012

We were expecting Madonna's redemption show, a chance to thrust herself back into the limelight with an iconic performance. But what did we really get out of this star-studded show?

Sure, Cee Lo Green's teeth, Nicki Minaj's violent tones and LMFAO's ridiculous hair hogged the stage, but it was M.I.A.'s provocative display that left fans scraping their jaws off the floor.

In retrospect, we wish she would've remained missing in action, as her obvious middle finger did more than just stir the crowd.

It begs us to ask one question: With Madonna's elderly performance featuring plenty of stumbles and hesitant flips, is it possible that M.I.A.'s flipping of the middle finger was performed to distract fans from the main disgrace?

Was she giving fans something else to pay attention to rather than Madonna's age?

We believe that she's just not a football fan, and was giving a big "Hey, look at me" to the crowd to show her disgust with the Super Bowl. Trying to steal the show much?

As a philanthropist and humanitarian outside of her music career, it's curious as to why she'd approach the gridiron with such viciousness.

We'll take Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction over M.I.A.'s subtly-disrespectful showing.

Since when does a middle finger reign supreme over a nude display of comedy?

Never is the answer. M.I.A. couldn't possibly match Jackson's humorous slip.

Nice try.