Orioles Fight as Bad as they Play

Sarah BraunsteinCorrespondent IMay 1, 2007

I think the Orioles' method this season is to have some event distract the media every couple of games so that no one realizes that they keep losing. First it was 'sockgate' and now a full on, bench clearing fight!  

But first the important 'why the Orioles blow' breakdown. Daniel Cabrera walked six batters as the Orioles continue to slide closer and closer to their familiar fourth place. The Orioles had nine hits, with every starter contributing except Brian Roberts but of course Gibbons, Huff, Hernandez and Mora all left runners in scoring position.

Luckily for these losers, Daniel Cabrera hit Gary Sheffield with a pitch, and Miguel Tejada got all pissy when Jeremy Bonderman came in close on a pitch to him.  Now, I wasn't there, and maybe Cabrera has some personal vendetta against Gary Sheffield (perhaps it's his mustache?) but he walked six batters, so I am going to go ahead and assume that he just couldn't find the strike zone.

Sheffield in classic 'roid rage said they had to protect their team.  Because really Miguel Tejada is going to rush the mound and start clobbering Bonderman with his bat.  Get a clue Sheffield.  

Anyway, Sheff shouldn't be complaining.  He should be psyched that the Yankees traded him to a winning team since they are playing so badly right now. Speaking of which, the Orioles are playing so badly right now.  I mean they are playing like they don't care.  Like they've got other jobs somewhere that are more important than being the representatives of the City of Baltimore in Major League Baseball.  All that talk two weeks ago about clubhouse atmosphere blah blah blah.  It's really easy to be a supportive and cohesive team when you're winning.  The real test of a team is if you can pull each other out when you're losing.

So far, the Orioles have made it clear that when the going gets tough, the Orioles abandon ship.