MIA Middle Finger Halftime Show: Super Bowl Can't Escape Controversy

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2012

The Super Bowl halftime show could be a dog riding a monkey next year. That is because the showcase of this epic stage can't seem to escape controversy. 

Birds were flying in this year's halftime act, and I'm not talking about doves of peace, or anything involving a real bird for that matter. 

I'm talking about the kind people flip by extending a certain finger. The kind that prime time network television is not fond of showing. 

Well they showed one this year to an audience of what is certain to be over 100 million people in this country. 

In case you missed it, here is the video. 

Artist MIA is the obscenity flipping culprit. She had a tiny part in the performance, and apparently decided to maximize her impact by pushing the envelope. 

By all accounts, this is far less graphic then the Janet Jackson nipplegate incident, but it is also less excusable. At least there was a possibility that the wardrobe malfunction causing that infamous gaffe. 

What is MIA going to say? "I meant to give the No. 1 sign," or, "this is how we root for football teams in Britain." 

That simply isn't going to fly. And the fact of the matter is, she isn't going to care. People will be talking about her now, and had she not done this it would have been almost impossible to tell she was even on stage. 

Don't expect her to be performing on NBC anytime soon again though. 

Also, there is a good chance that we all just watched the last Super Bowl halftime performance that was aired without a delay.