Super Bowl 2012 Halftime Show: Grading Madonna and MIA's Middle Finger

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It was 80's night in Indy, with a little bit of Young Money and a middle finger mixed in for good measure (Thanks, MIA). You really think a show involving the Material Girl wouldn't be completely over the top...and have a little controversy too? 

So much for a little lip syncing and an LMFAO cameo. Nope, after all the prep work and elaborate electronic sets to make "Vogue" pop, the whole thing was upstaged by a one-hit wonder showing the largest TV audience of the year the one finger you can't on television. 

Fly like paper, get high like planes and flip off hundreds of millions of people—MIA, you've outdone yourself. 

So while the Internet explodes over some singer whose career already peaked, we'll devote our focus to the woman who was supposed to be the star of the show. At the end of the 13-minute performance, it's about what you should have expected it to be: over the top and garish, but in an entertaining kind of way. 

That's hard to say, because I really wanted to hate it. I went in planning to hate every single morsel of it. Instead, only certain parts where eye-rolling worthy (the final song with the choir was cliche). Face it, the show was entertaining, especially the part with the Richard Simmons look-a-like bouncing all over the place. Anytime we can get treated to a dude with an afro going nuts on a high-wire, I approve. 

And there was no lame on-field audience. So refreshing not to have canned enthusiasm. 

But none of that will be talked about, because a middle finger made an appearance. 

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