Pepsi Max Super Bowl Commercial: "Love Hurts" and "First Date" Won't Be Topped

Luis BatlleContributor IFebruary 5, 2012

Pepsi Max is already setting the bar high for the rest of the ads heading into the 2012 Super Bowl.

The video for their first commercial of the Super Bowl was leaked, and had the laughs going early on Super Bowl Sunday.

The ad features a Coca-Cola employee that is trying to discretely buy a Pepsi Max at a grocery store. Sure enough, the awkwardness felt by the employee is put on full blast after he is the winner of the day and takes home a lifetime supply of Pepsi Max.

To top it off, handing out the fat check and the grand prize is your token host, Regis Philbin. Talk about finishing the 30-second ad with a bang.

This leaked commercial set the bar especially high, but it was no match for the ads put on in 2011.

The commercials Pepsi Max featured in 2011 were "Love Hurts" and "First Date," and they were two of the most memorable, comical ads to hit the scene during last year's Super Bowl.

"Love Hurts" was arguably the better, more entertaining of the two ads. It was about a husband who tried to cheat on his diet, yet was constantly being caught by his spouse. The idea is one countless people can relate to, and the commercial featured acting performances that really made for "laughs-out-loud."

The awkwardness of a "First Date" is full blown in this entertaining commercial. Pepsi Max was able to once again relate to the fanbase and find laughs through a realistic situation.

Fox Sports gave both commercials solid ratings, as "Love Hurts" received an 87 percent, while "First Date" received a 69 percent rating.

In spite of the entertainment and celebrity appeal brought about by this year's commercial, the element of relating to the actual ad no longer exists. Considering the solid ratings its ads received in 2011, Pepsi Max will have too tough an act to follow in 2012.