A New York Jets Fan's Guide to Super Bowl XLVI

Will HofmannContributor IIFebruary 5, 2012

A New York Jets Fan's Guide to Super Bowl XLVI

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    Jets fans face a dilemma this weekend: Who to root for in Super Bowl XLVI?

    On one hand, we all hate the Patriots, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and everything they stand for. On the other, who wants to see the Giants get lucky twice and have the ultimate bragging rights? 

    Personally, I still haven't been able to make up my mind. 

    Let's run through a few things Jets fans can hope for in the big game.

Sacks of Tom Brady

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    The Giants defensive line was arguably the best this season. They will be hoping to pressure Tom Brady the way they did in Super Bowl XLII.

    Let's hope for some big hits on our least favorite quarterback in the NFL. And no, I do not mean Mark Sanchez.

Shaun Ellis Getting Himself a Super Bowl Ring

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    Longtime Jet, Shaun Ellis, has a chance to get his first ever Super Bowl Ring.

    The Ellis/Jets breakup was not a smooth one. Ellis deserved better, and a Super Bowl win should be more than enough consolation.

    If the Patriots win, we should be happy for Ellis, who was a hard working Jet for 11 seasons.

New York vs New England

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    New York sports fans can unite against New England/Boston teams.

    Despite sometimes being the little brother in New York, there is enough animosity between the two cities sports teams for Jets and Giants fans to put their differences aside this weekend.

Bill Belichick

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    If the Giants defeat the Patriots again, we might get to watch Belichick leave the field early as he did during Super Bowl XLII.

    The Evil Genius is undoubtedly the best coach in the league, and deserves a lot of respect (despite the way he dresses for games), but wouldn't you like to see him pout again?

A Good Game of Football

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    Above all of the reasons to watch, the Super Bowl will be very competitive. Two of the leagues best quarterbacks will battle it out. 

    With a win, Eli Manning will be considered a top-level quarterback in the NFL. Brady is already one of the best, but could enter the argument for best quarterback ever with a victory.

    Jets fans, let's enjoy the snacks, commercials, great game, and wait until next year.