WWE '13: A Wish List of Features

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WWE '13: A Wish List of Features
photo by THQ

Wrestling fans have a love/hate relationship with WWE games. We love playing in Vince McMahon's sandbox, but we are never satisfied with their breadth of features. For every step forward, we take two steps back.

WWE '13 is, on the surface, a leap forward—it's got exploding rings, collapsible barricades and a massive roster. They've even brought Special Guest Referee matches back.

For all this wide-eyed optimism, though, there remains a sense of cautious doubt. The franchise has burned us on an annual basis for years, and these games don't come cheap.

Which match types have been cut in this installment? Which elements of interactivity have they stripped from the environment—taunting from the top rope, putting opponents through the announcer's tables? Will the wrestlers even be able to bleed?

In addition to the 10 things I wanted back in January, here's a wish list of features I'm praying for when WWE '13 drops on October 30th.

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