UFC 143 Results: Questions That Remain About Josh Koscheck

Antwyn JacksonContributor IIFebruary 5, 2012

At UFC 143 on Saturday night, Josh Koscheck added another notch to the win column with a split-decision victory against Mike Pierce.  The win wasn't as explosive as Koscheck would have liked, but he walked away to a chorus of boos, victorious.

There were some questions arising from Saturday's win that many feel Koscheck should address in his next fight:

First, is he confident that his eye injury has healed up?  In the days leading up to Saturday, he was asked about this issue and he responded honestly.  He said that in his fight against Matt Hughes, he was hit with a jab and he second-guessed his health.  He felt that he was okay and promptly ended the fight—and possibly Matt Hughes' career.  

However, in spite of that, Mike Pierce did frustrate Koscheck with jabs, begging the question of whether Koscheck has recovered mentally from that injury.

Secondly, Kosheck continues to load up his right hand, looking for the highlight-reel knockout.  Everyone knows that he has immense power in that hand, but by loading up, he becomes predictable, stifling any other offense he has.  He has to become more diverse in his strikes.

The third question is, where does he go in a division in which two fights are clearly off the table for him?  Koscheck refuses to fight teammate Jon Fitch because of their friendship, and in all likelihood he won't face Georges St. Pierre after losing twice to him convincingly.  He could go up in weight, as he did at in the inaugural TUF series, or just hope that Carlos Condit defeats GSP and opens the lane for Kos to get a title shot.  

That's a lot of hoping for a 34-year-old fighter.

Hopefully for the UFC villain, these questions get answered sooner rather than later.