UFC 143 Results: Carlos Condit Needs to Defend His Belt Before He Fights GSP

Antwyn JacksonContributor IIFebruary 5, 2012

Though Carlos Condit won the fight Saturday night against Nick Diaz, there seems to be a doubt that he deserves the belt.  Many feel that his fight strategy caused him to look a little lackluster in his win.  So, perhaps another fight before his eventual match with Georges St. Pierre would get him moving in the right direction in the mind of fans.

There's a couple of fights that may interest the UFC in the event that Georges St. Pierre's rehab doesn't go as well as he hopes.

Josh Koscheck would be an interesting fight for Carlos Condit, considering that Koscheck wouldn't even sniff a title shot if GSP was healthy.  Josh Koscheck has put together an impressive resume with wins in five of his last six fights with his only loss coming from GSP.   The only issue is if Koshcheck wins, we would have to see a rematch of him and GSP.  

Not that exciting.

Another interesting bout would be Condit versus the Jake Ellenberger/Diego Sanchez winner.  Ellenberger would be able to avenge the loss he suffered at UFC Fight Night 19, while Diego Sanchez would have the opportunity to engage in his second title fight

The last option is no fight.  I think this is the safest route for Condit to go.  

Assuming there's no setbacks in GSP's rehab, the two men will clash later this year.  That is a strong assumption, seeing how often injuries occur in training camps, but this seems like the option the UFC and Condit will go with and play things by ear from Saturday forward.  

Who knows what will happen, but the UFC is good at thinking on its toes.