UFC 143 Results: What's Next for Fabricio Werdum?

Antwyn JacksonContributor IIFebruary 5, 2012

Fabricio Werdum made a triumphant re-entrance into the octagon Saturday night at UFC 143. Werdum is a veteran of the sport and is widely known as one of it's best grapplers. The Fedor conqueror also conquered "Big Country" Roy Nelson with a barrage of knees and accurate striking.

Though Nelson was game and came for a full night's work, Werdum continued to apply pressure with his striking and was easily awarded the decision victory on what was the fight of the night.

So, what's next for Werdum?

With the influx of Strikeforce talent filtering into the heavyweight division, every fighter should be taking fights to position themselves for a title shot after the Junior Dos Santos versus Alistair Overeem fight takes place. Werdum has the unique advantage of fighting both men, so he is looking to exact some revenge from whomever wins.

With that being the case, the perfect fight to get him marching toward the title is a fight with Frank Mir. If Werdum were to conquer Mir, it would clearly have matchmakers talking title shot. It's almost a de facto No. 1 contender fight.  

Mir presents a slightly different challenge to Werdum, especially in the fact that Mir is not scared to go to the ground with anyone, as evidenced in his fight against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Obviously, Werdum's ground game is his specialty, so if these two were to clash then it would be a clinic for the fans.