Chelsea FC vs. Manchester United : A Few Lessons Learnt

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2012

Chelsea FC vs. Manchester United : A Few Lessons Learnt

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    Chelsea lived up to their reputations yet again of squandering good fortune.

    With two own goals (which is more than lucky in itself) and a brilliant one from Juan Mata, Chelsea looked sure to complete a 3-0 rout of the Red Devils. But then, United's luck returned in the favour of one stupid referee, Howard Webb, who assured everyone about his undying loyalty to the United cause.

    The referee, who is known as Sir Alex's henchman to clinch critical matches in United's favour took upon the role to deny Chelsea a well-deserved victory. His two penalty decisions clearly made him seem one stupid old fellow as well as undermined his ability as someone whose prime job is to be impartial. United capitalised on the two sabotaged decisions to claw back and earn a point in a match where Chelsea proved themselves a class above.

    While Chelsea manager Villas-Boas has publicly stated his astonishment at such regular poor refereeing qualities in difficult matches as well as questioning Webb's conscience, we take a look into the few lessons learnt from such a thriller.

Villas-Boas' Decisions Are Really Doubtful

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    Chelsea's new manager Andre Villas-Boas has been criticised for his doubtful tactical changes all through this season. Be it some rather stupid substitution or anything tactical, Villas-Boas has almost always achieved to prove himself an amateur.

    Against Wigan, his decision to defend a lead cost Chelsea a win, against Liverpool in the Carling Cup he got the lineup wrong as well as the substitutions, which again saw his side crash out.

    Similarly, his decision to take off the impressive Sturridge while keeping his expensive flop cost Chelsea dearly. His decision to introduce Romeu was understandable, but then why Sturridge, who was having a field day. Villas-Boas could have taken off the ineffective Essien or the woeful Malouda, though ideally, he should have taken off Torres and given Sturridge a chance in the middle.

    If he had taken those decisions, then Chelsea had a sure chance to win with a greater margin, as Torres missed a couple of sitters. Moreover, his decision to play Bosingwa rather than give chance to youngster Bertrand too proved his regressive thoughts. Bosingwa looked uncomfortable playing out of position, and Bertrand would have made a much bigger impact only if given the chance.

    It is time someone asked Villas-Boas to explain his decisions, which always seem to be wrong.

Please Sell the Expensive Garbage

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    It is getting pathetic by the day watching one man waste chance after chance and yet get first-team starts.

    Chelsea's Torres-saga is perhaps the worst deal in their history. Against United, with each passing moment and missed chance, it became evident that Torres has lost his touch and class. It can be easily said that he is no more the threat he once was famed to be, and Abramovich must be biting his fingers ruining such a poor business deal.

    As against Norwich and Swansea, Torres kept his dismal form intact, turning some definite goal-scoring chances into cries of frustration. Though many are still hopeful that the Spaniard will get back his scoring form, it has now become more than evident that Torres will never be the same again.

    He cuts a lone figure at the heart of Chelsea's attack. He is undoing the hardwork of his teammates by wasting chances galore. His displays shows lack of confidence, and it has been more than a year since he has been trying to get back his morale.

    Chelsea must respond now, or else they will continue to suffer in the coming seasons with that 50 million junk in the squad. Sturridge has undoubtedly been Chelsea's most impressive performers, and it is time Villas-Boas gave the youngster some time at the heart of Chelsea's attack. Sturridge might not start firing instantly, but he can guarantee a goal or two every match, which is what Chelsea need most to stay in the top four.

    Roman should end his misery and make do with the junk firstly and then plan on whom to buy.

Howard Webb Is United's 12th Man

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    It has been stated earlier, and United has denied it every time, but there is no denying the fact that Howard Webb has more than needed love for the Red Devils.

    Every match the referee has supervised involving Sir Alex's team, he has given dubious decisions favouring the Red Devils. Be it against Arsenal, City, Chelsea or any other club the Yorkshireman has lived upto his reputation of being a pro-Ferguson man. In every game he has ever presided over, Webb had Ferguson shouting at him at some point in the match, and almost immediately, he gives some biased decisions favoring United.

    Similarly, against Chelsea, when Manchester United were trailing 3-0, everybody watched as old Fergie shouted at his 12th man. As always, Webb appeared to be influenced and almost immediately handed the Red Devils a penalty which even an amateur football fan would have disagreed with. Thereafter, he continued his faithful duty to the United cause by handing in another penalty that made his bias all the more evident. The only valid goal of the day was the one scored by Chicarito.

    So Ferguson did it again by arranging his favored referee to officiate the match and then getting a draw from the most unlikeliest of situations. Webb is one of those referees who are a shame to the game of football and his actions proved the point again:

    Arsenal Fans: "We Don't Need Batman, We Have Robin."

    Man United Fans: "We Don't Need Spiderman, We Have Webb."

    or even better:

    "He's bald, he's red, he sleeps in Fergies bed. Howard Webb, Howard Webb!!"

Chelsea Are Still Better in Quality Than the United Squad

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    Chelsea did it against City. They proved it again against United on Sunday.

    The media, the rival fans, football pundits and everyone else can write them off, but Chelsea are still one of the most toughest clubs in England. A neat display combined with brilliant individual skills saw the Blues on course to rout the Red Devils 3-0 until a certain idiot named Webb interfered in the proceedings to deny Blues a much-deserved win.

    Chelsea fielded a weaker team, with captain John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Ramires all missing out. Villas-Boas' makeshift defense was expected to break under the Red Devils pressure, and at least a 3-1 demolition was being expected for the Blues. But Chelsea turned around to take the game back to the nervy Red Devils, scoring late in the first half before scoring two quick-fire goals early in the second-half to make it 3-0.

    Though the media in their usual style will glorify the manner in which United registered the comeback, they cannot still deny that Fergie's men needed more than their performance to manage a draw. The match ended on a positive note for the Chelsea fans, as they went home assured their team have still the quality to fight at the top level.

Our January Signing Was a Good Bargain

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    A injury to captain John Terry saw Chelsea's January signing Gary Cahill being handed a debut against the Red Devils.

    Our latest squad member almost had a perfect day at the field except once, when he escaped punishment for tripping Danny Welbeck outside the box. He won almost every challenge in the air and settled well after some harrowing moments in the early half.

    He also went very close to scoring a last-minute winner, but was denied by a brilliant De Gea save. Overall, though, he seemed a bit nervy at times, yet he was still impressive and looked well settled in the squad, which makes his seven-million price look a good bargain for Chelsea.