NFL on NBC Video: Watch SNL Host Channing Tatum Star in Hilarious Promo Spoof

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NFL on NBC is one of the more informative, interesting programs that is infamous for giving we, the football fans, a special perspective on the game.

With a crew featuring Bob Costas, Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison, there is no doubt that the football IQ is as readily present here as any football program there is.

Yet, if you take some NFL on NBC and add in Channing Tatum and the Saturday Night Live crew to give fans their take on the program, it can make for an especially comical skit to say the least.

Last time I checked, it was Tatum that was breakdancing and pulling out his "ladies man" card in the various Step Up movies.

Despite his commitment to the acting stage, the guy also has an especially clever sense of humor as he put it on full display during this SNL spoof.

Led by guest star Channing Tatum, the SNL crew picks on the NFL on NBC crew for their lower-third tactic during programing that involves a look up at the camera and smiles.

Much like the crew, as well as others in the sports world do, they end up tossing a football between one another to add an extra football feel for fans.

While they toss the football they talk about nonsense and reminisce about being on the field, playing on all of the small, strange details that make the program look incredibly hilarious.

Tatum and the SNL crew were a knockout with this spoof, as the timely skit gives fans something to laugh about on Super Bowl weekend.

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