UFC 143 Results: Nick Diaz's Retirement Will Be a Huge Loss for the UFC

G DAnalyst IIIFebruary 5, 2012

MMA Fighting
MMA Fighting

After five spectacular rounds of technical fighting, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit awaited a judge's decision to determine who would become the UFC's newest welterweight champion.

The judge's scorecards read 48-47, 49-46, and 49-46 announcing Condit as the interim 170-pound champion via unanimous decision.

Following Condit's upset over Diaz came even bigger news.

In his post-fight interview, Diaz announced that he would be stepping away from the Octagon, ultimately resulting in his retirement from the sport.

Diaz stated,

"I'm not going to accept the fact that this was a loss. I've lost fights before, where, uh, ya know, like, I'm not going to accept that either. That ain't right. I pushed him back the whole fight. I walked him down. I got the take down. I'm the guy who went out on top. Had I thought I wasn't ahead, I'd have chinned in and finished that arm lock. Hey Carlos is a great guy, I'm happy for him and his family. I think I'm done with this MMA. It's been great out here. I've had a good career. But I don't think I'm going to get enough to keep going in this. It's been a good time. You know Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Good job Carlos, you're the man, bro."

Diaz's alleged retirement came to surprise many as he even chose to dismiss himself from the post-fight press conference.

With UFC stars Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre sidelined due to injuries, Diaz filled the void as big man of campus through his aggressive fighting style and outspoken personality.

With the assistance of middleweight Chael Sonnen, Diaz brought an attitude to the table that many fans loved as he was seemingly fearless in speaking his mind.

Without Diaz, the UFC will continue to suffer and endure yet another hardship.


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