Super Bowl XLVI: Meet the Officials

Gil Imber@RefereeOrganistAnalyst IIFebruary 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: Meet the Officials

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    With the NFC champion New York Giants and AFC champion New England Patriots set to kick off Super Bowl XLVI Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis, here is a detailed overview of the contest's assigned officiating crew.

    Referee John Parry's crew will include umpire Carl Paganelli, head linesman Tom Stabile, line judge Gary Arthur, field judge Gary Cavaletto, side judge Laird Hayes and back judge Tony Steratore.

    The following slides contain information, experience, history and notable games or plays officiated pertaining to each official.

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Referee: John Parry (No. 132)

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    John Parry will make his second appearance as a game official in the Super Bowl and his first as a referee. Parry, who became a referee prior to the 2007 NFL season, also officiated Super Bowl XLI between the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts as a side judge on Tony Corrente's crew.

    This is Parry's second postseason game this year, as he previously officiated the divisional playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers, in which his crew correctly applied the defenseless posture rule on a Pierre Thomas fumble.

    Parry did not have a regular season assignment involving the Giants or Patriots this year.

Umpire: Carl Paganelli (No. 124)

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    Carl Paganelli of Jerome Boger's crew will join the Super Bowl XLVI crew in his 13th year of officiating in the NFL. The veteran umpire is making his third Super Bowl appearance and his second along side John Parry (both officiated in Super Bowl XLI with Carl's brother Perry).

    In addition to previously officiating Super Bowl XLI, Paganelli was the umpire in Super Bowl XXXIX, which was the third and latest Patriots Super Bowl victory (coming against the Philadelphia Eagles).

    This will be Paganelli's first postseason game of the year as an on-field official, though he was an alternate umpire for the divisional-round game between the Denver Broncos and Patriots.

    Paganelli had three assignments in the regular season involving the Giants and Patriots, once for the Giants in Week 4 (at the Arizona Cardinals) and twice for the Patriots in Week 5 (vs. the New York Jets) and Week 12 (at the Eagles).

Head Linesman: Tom Stabile (No. 24)

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    Tom Stabile joins the Super Bowl XLVI crew as the head linesman from Scott Green's crew. Stabile is the most veteran  official (along with side judge Laird Hayes) with the 2011 season being his 17th year as an official in the NFL.

    Stabile is known for a call made in a 2009 game between the Colts and Patriots. Stabile ruled that Kevin Faulk's forward progress was short of the line to gain on a play in which the Patriots went for a first down on 4th-and-2 from their own 28-yard line.

    Despite his experience, Stabile is making his Super Bowl debut next Sunday as an on-field official. Stabile was an alternate in Super Bowl XL between the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers, but never officiated in the game. The Super Bowl will also be Stabile's first postseason game of the year.

    Stabile had one regular season assignment involving the Super Bowl participants, officiating the Week 14 Giants' game at the Dallas Cowboys.

Line Judge: Gary Arthur (No. 108)

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    The 15-year veteran line judge makes his way to the Super Bowl XLVI officiating crew from Ron Winter's crew. Gary Arthur is making his first appearance in a Super Bowl. He joined the NFL in 1997.

    This is Arthur's second postseason game of the year. He previously was the head linesman, with Ron Winter, for the wild-card game between the Broncos and Steelers, which saw the debut of the new overtime playoff rule.

    Arthur had three regular season assignments involving the Giants and Patriots. He officiated the Giants in Week 2 (vs. the Bears) and in Week 8 (vs. the Miami Dolphins), as well as the Patriots in Week 12 (vs. the Colts).

Field Judge: Gary Cavaletto (No. 60)

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    Gary Cavaletto joins the Super Bowl XLVI crew as the field judge from Tony Corrente's crew. Cavaletto is the least experienced official on the crew with nine years in the NFL and is making his Super Bowl debut.

    This is Cavaletto's second postseason assignment of the year, having officiated the Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints wild-card round match up.

    Cavaletto had one earlier 2011 assignment with both the Giants and the Patriots. He officiated the Patriots at the Oakland Raiders in Week 4 and the Giants at the 49ers in Week 10.

Side Judge: Laird Hayes (No. 125)

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    Laird Hayes—along with head linesman Tom Stabile—is the most veteran member of the Super Bowl XLVI. In his 17th year as an official in the NFL, the side judge from Carl Cheffers' crew is making his third Super Bowl appearance, all as a side judge.

    Hayes previously officiated Super Bowl XXXVI, where the Patriots gained their first Super Bowl victory over the St. Louis Rams. He also officiated the Patriots' second Super Bowl victory versus the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

    Hayes has previously worked a Giants assignment in the postseason this year, working their wild card victory over the Atlanta Falcons. He worked one regular season assignment involving the Patriots at the Buffalo Bills in Week 3.

Back Judge: Tony Steratore (No. 112)

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    Tony Steratore, the older brother of NFL referee Gene Steratore, joins the Super Bowl XLVI crew as the back judge from Jerome Boger's crew. Steratore is making his second appearance in a Super Bowl in his 12th season as an official in the NFL.

    His first appearance came in Super Bowl XXXIX as the back judge (along with Paganelli), which was the Patriots' latest Super Bowl victory. This will be Steratore's first postseason game of the season.

    He has officiated the Giants once this season at the Cardinals in Week 4. He also officiated the Patriots twice, once in Week 5 against the Jets and again in Week 12 against the Eagles.

Alternate Officials

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    In the event that one or several officials becomes injured or is otherwise unable to perform his duties on Sunday, the NFL has assigned the following alternates.

    These alternates will otherwise remain on either sideline and assist the on-field officials with administrative and management tasks.

    The alternates include:

    • Referee Alberto Riveron (No. 57), crew chief
    • Umpire Bill Schuster (No. 129), of Gene Steratore's crew
    • Head Linesman Wayne Mackie (No. 106), of Gene Steratore's crew
    • Side Judge Don Carlsen (No. 39), of Pete Morelli's crew
    • Back Judge Greg Wilson (No. 119), of Tony Corrente's crew.

    None of these alternates have made a Super Bowl appearance.