Kevin Love Video: Watch Timberwolves Star Stomp Luis Scola's Face

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2012

There is a fine line between being aggressive and being dirty, and when Kevin Love stomped on Luis Scola's face, he crossed it.

A chippy game got completely out of hand and a minor skirmish turned into a disgusting display by one of the most talented players in the NBA.

Love was clearly caught up in the moment, but it certainly doesn't excuse the heinous act. He couldn't have done a worse job representing himself, his team or the league, and he should be ashamed.

Last week, Scola inadvertently hit Love in the groin with the ball, trying to throw it off his body while falling out of bounds. Was this payback?

Regardless, it's time for the league to bring down the hammer on Love. He's not a bad-character guy, but this obviously deliberate act needs to be met with swift action.

This isn't Andrew Bynum's hit on J.J. Barea—it's much worse.

This was a regular-season game that got wildly out of hand and it's fortunate that this incident didn't result in something far more serious.

Scola got his face stomped and Love's reputation took a huge hit. It's an inexcusable move by a guy who simply should know better.

Love is right on the cusp of solidifying himself as an elite player. This is a poor representation of his character and he'd better have a strong apology when the dust settles.