UFC 143 Results: Did Nick Diaz Just Retire from MMA?

First LastCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2016

Newly crowned interim UFC welterweight champion Carlos Condit walked away with a victory and an eventual showdown with undisputed champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 143, but his opponent, Nick Diaz, may have walked away from the sport of mixed martial arts.

For five rounds, both fighters battled back and forth on the feet to a closely contested decision. The judges favored Condit's kickboxing over Diaz's boxing and gave him the fight on all three scorecards with the scores 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46.

Diaz, who believed he had done enough to deserve the victory, told UFC commentator Joe Rogan that he is done with losing close fights that haven't gone his way.

"I think I'm done with this MMA," Diaz said. "I don't need this s***."

After winning his last 11 bouts, Diaz entered Saturday night's fight a former Strikeforce champion and a hopeful challenger for St-Pierre, who even made his statement clear that he wanted the 28-year-old to win.

Condit, a former training partner of St-Pierre's, will now fight the Canadian superstar later this year if St-Pierre is fully recovered from his injury. He was scheduled to face St-Pierre last year before the pound-for-pound fighter got injured.

Diaz has always made it clear that he only fights for money, and if he has enough, it might just be the time that he hangs them up, at least for now. That usually isn't the case after a while; most fighters come back once they realize they need to earn more.

It's usually never a case of the fighter missing the actual sport, but in some cases, it is. It probably isn't in Diaz's, who said in the Primetime series, "You have to hate this sport to love it." It's a relationship that he has always been committed to, but it isn't one that he feels is necessary to stay committed to anymore.

At 28, the fighter from Stockton, Calif. is just entering his prime and would still be able to challenge any top welterweight out there. Don't expect to never see him fighting again. He still has a lot of years left to fight, and if he takes a break from the sport, it's well warranted for now.

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