Super Bowl Prop Bets: 10 Ways to Lose Money Betting on Stuff That Doesn't Matter

Hal NicholsCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2012

Super Bowl Prop Bets: 10 Ways to Lose Money Betting on Stuff That Doesn't Matter

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    There are few ways in the world to become utterly consumed by minutiae than gambling on sports prop bets. And there are no better sporting events to make prop bets on than the Super Bowl. lists over 350 different prop bets for the Super Bowl. Click through the slideshow for 10 of the most enticing Super Bowl prop bets.

Will Kelly Clarkson's Bare Belly Be Showing When She Sings the National Anthem?

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    Odds: Yes (+300)

    Will a pop star bare her midriff while performing?  Well, a big part of me hopes this one won't.  In other news, Kelly Clarkson's net worth will expand by a factor of 10 this weekend, as there is a slew of prop bets over which she has absolute and total control of the outcome.  

    My life goal is now to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.  It's like printing money.

How Many Times Will Gisele Bundchen Be Shown on TV During the Game?

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    Line: 1/2, Over (-250)/ Under (+170)

    Attention NBC Sports producers: If you can't hit the over on this one, I hate you.

    When one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world is in the house, you better get her some camera time.  When she's married to one of the starting QBs? It's a lock.  Here's hoping the over gets covered several times.

What Color Will the Liquid Be That Is Dumped on the Winning Head Coach?

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    Water/Clear: 3/2

    Orange: 5/2

    Yellow: 5/2

    Red: 13/2

    Green: 15/2

    Blue: 10/1

    Have you ever seen green Gatorade dumped on a coach?  Me neither.  And the only way Bill Belichick is getting something red dumped on him is if he breaks out one of his famous fur-lined cutoff hoodies and the PETA girls get him.  Water is probably a lock, but yellow is the good value bet.

Will Tom Coughlin or Bill Belichick Retire If Their Team Wins the Game?

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    Odds: Yes (+700)

    Just like Kelly Clarkson, this bet allows one of these successful millionaire coaches to parlay this Super Bowl into a massive windfall.  Given that Tom Coughlin is approximately 82 years old, I'd take this bet that pays 7:1 in a heartbeat.  

    Belichick, on the other hand, will probably coach until the day he dies.  Regardless, +700 is just too good to pass up on this one.

Longest Reception for Aaron Hernandez

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    Line: 19.5 yards, Over (-130)/ Under (Even)

    While the -130 odds aren't the most attractive in the world, these one feels like a lock to me.  The Giants defense is good, but it isn't elite.  With Gronkowski hobbled to some degree, Brady will definitely be looking to Aaron Hernandez, and a 20 yards completion is totally doable.

Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times in the Game?

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    Odds: Yes (-180)/ No (+150)

    This seems like one of those things that some advanced football statistics site should have the answer too.  I'm somewhat surprised that the longer odds are on no, as it would seem that three unanswered scores in a game between two quality teams would be somewhat rare.

First Team to Reach 10 Points (or More) in the Game.

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    Odds: Giants (Even)/ Patriots (-125)/ Neither team (+5000)

    That's right, you can get 50-to-1 odds on this being the most unwatchable Super Bowl in history.  Part of me really loves to take the long odds, but the rest of me would gouge my own eyes out if neither team broke 10 points.  Let's just leave that one alone.

Will There Be a Scoreless Quarter in the Game?

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    Odds: Yes (+325)/ No (-450)

    For some reason I think there is some decent value here on going with yes at +325.  Remember, halftime is 31 minutes in the Super Bowl, roughly twice as long as normal.  If both teams come out sluggish in the third quarter, it could happen.  Maybe.  Probably not. I will continue to try to talk myself into that one.

Total QB Sacks in the Game

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    Line: 4.5, Over (+110)/ Under (-140)

    Over feels like a great value here.  Keep in mind, this is total sacks between both teams.

    I would be surprised if the Giants sacked Brady three or four times alone, and after the beating Eli took against the 49ers you have to like the chances of him taking a couple sacks as well.  I like the over, and the price is right.

If Tom Brady's Son Is Shown on TV Will He Be Wearing a Tom Brady Jersey?

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    Odds: Yes (-170)/ No (+130)

    This is an easy one.  With Gisele as his mother, this kid will be far too stylish for a run of the mill jersey at the Super Bowl.  I expect to see him dressed to the nines, perhaps with something from one of Gisele's expansive clothing lines that she makes millions upon millions of dollars a year off of.