WWE: Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Drew McIntyre to Shine

BBQ SauceContributor IIIFebruary 4, 2012

I'll admit it: I'm not a huge fan of Drew McIntyre. He's quite bland on the mic (he needs to work out that thick accent!), and lacks charisma. In terms of wrestling, I'd say he's somewhere in the middle.

However, McIntyre's potential is limitless.

We have seen flashes of greatness from the Sinister Scotsman, and he has a good look. If he irons out a few rough spots with his character, mark my words: he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Which is why I believe now is the perfect time to give McIntyre a push in the right direction.

Last week on Smackdown, we learned Mark Henry would be absent from the Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Technically, he was suspended, but it was probably just a way for Henry to be written off so he can heal his leg injury. To fill Mark Henry's spot in the match, Great Khali has stepped in.

To me, a wrestling fan for 15+ years, this is one of the biggest red herrings I've ever seen. I am 1000 percent sure Great Khali won't be in this year's Elimination Chamber. As you can guess, I think Drew McIntyre will fill that role.

During the past few weeks on Smackdown, McIntyre has been on a horrendous losing streak and is supposedly on the razor's edge of being fired.

Most of us (hopefully) know his job is somewhat secure in real life and there isn't much of a threat of him future endeavored, but that leads to the question: who will he finally beat to end his losing streak?

Putting the pieces together yet?

That's right. Drew McIntyre will earn his spot in the elimination chamber by injuring Great Khali. Can you see it? Next week on Smackdown there's a match between Khali and say, our resident red-haired jobber Heath Slater.

Khali picks up the easy win when McIntyre rushes to the ring and goes ballistic, shelving the Punjabi Playboy/Nightmare. GM Teddy Long said it himself last week on Smackdown: you either impress me or you're fired. What better way to impress the GM by injuring one of the biggest superstars on the roster?

Next question: assuming McIntyre does enter the Chamber, what are his chances of winning?

Realistically, his chances are close to zero. However, I think the championship will change hands. Bryan isn't drawing enough popularity (either love or heat) to be involved in a showcase match at WrestleMania.

That leaves us with Barrett, Rhodes, Orton, Show and McIntyre. I think we can also check Show off the list because he really has no reason to wear the belt again. 

I see Wade Barrett as the favorite in this match. He has the potential, he's put in his dues, has the look, the mic skill, and would be able to generate a good feud with Sheamus. We all know Orton is never further than a stone's throw from a Championship, so I'd say he's probably a close second.

A Sheamus-Orton face-face match doesn't seem likely, though. Third would be Cody Rhodes. Owning both the IC and WHC belts would permanently cement himself as Dusty Rhodes' better son. Then trailing in at No. 4 would be McIntyre. Hey, it's better than nothing, right? 

We've seen strange things happen in the WWE, so anything is possible. Who would have thought Daniel Bryan would win Money in the Bank? Who's to say McIntyre can't flat out win the belt come Elimination Chamber?

I am realistic, though. Drew won't win. But he will be gaining valuable PPV time with the best of the Blue Brand to hopefully stir the pot and get his career going again. Remember who stole the show at last year's Smackdown Elimination Chamber?