Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Highlighting 2011 Ads That Will Be Tough To Top

Luis BatlleContributor IFebruary 4, 2012

When the New York Giants and New England Patriots meet in the 2012 Super Bowl, there will be no shortage of anticipation at any point, as fans will be looking forward to laughs and entertainment in this year's ads.

As Pepsi Max was able to highlight Super Bowl commercials with their "First Date" and "Love Hurts" ads, while Bridgestone made for plenty of laughs with its surprisingly impressive "Reply All" skit.

To say the least, there is much to look forward to in 2012.

These are the three most intriguing ads from the 2011 Super Bowl that fans have to be waiting to see get topped in 2012.

Volkswagen Passat: "Young Vader"

Talk about a unique commercial.

Volkswagen burst onto the Super Bowl commercial scene with this top-notch ad that made for its fair share of laughs.

A kid that appears to be obsessed with Vader dresses up as him and tries to put his powers to the test. They are just so powerful, he is able to start a car—only it's actually his parents starting the car from the kitchen.

Clever and catchy, Volkswagen will be up to the test to top last year's ad in this 2012 Super Bowl.

Pepsi Max: "Love Hurts"

Those who have been in a relationship know that love can be great, but it certainly has its bumps and bruises.

Arguably one of the funnier commercials in recent years, Pepsi Max features a couple where the wife is making sure her husband is dieting. From catching him eating a burger in the shower to shoving his face into a pie, it's an exaggerated yet especially intriguing ad.

After putting together two hits in "First Date" and "Love Hurts" in 2011, Pepsi Max will be expected to bring its A-game to the table during the 2012 Super Bowl commercial time.

Bud Light: "Dog Sitter"

Hands down the most comical, hysterical commercial of the 2011 ads, Bud Light is definitely expected to make a winning Super Bowl commercial in 2012.

Whether it was the chef dog working the grill with a bow-tie or the chihuahua hitting on a woman, it was a classic commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.

One thing is for sure, sitting for that many dogs was never an appealing thing until Bud Light came around with this memorable ad. Expect Bud Light to make a significant effort to try and top their 2011 Super Bowl showing.