Miami Dolphins: The Quarterback Position Is at a Stalemate

Mark LoiselleContributor IIFebruary 3, 2012

Peyton Manning's Future? Unknown.
Peyton Manning's Future? Unknown.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have not had a quarterback since the days of Dan Marino, and right now it is Matt Moore's job, but for how long?

Only time will tell whether the Miami Dolphins are satisfied with Moore under center. In taking a peek out into the free agency market and who could be on the trading block soon, names like Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton and Donovan McNabb fill the chart.

With that, who fits best with the newly acquired coach as the big man taking snaps? In evaluating who fits the job it comes down to age, career statistics, and who can come in and learn the offensive scheme of coach Philbin right away.

So let's start off with the obvious.

Peyton Manning is a hot commodity and he should be. Manning is a 14-year veteran, who can help a team out like the Miami Dolphins. The only missing piece the Dolphins need is a quarterback. Don't get me wrong Matt Moore had one heck of a season, posting 2,497 yards, 16 touchdowns, and nine interceptions, but if you can get your hands on a player like Peyton Manning, it would be unwise for the Dolphins to not propose a trade.

Yes, the man is 35 years-old, but if you have Manning as a starting quarterback in your clubhouse, hopes are elevated. Also, this is an ideal situation for the long time Colt's quarterback. He will be surrounded by some young, fresh and high caliber players in Pro Bowl MVP wide receiver Brandon Marshall, running back Reggie Bush (coming off a 1,000 yard season) and statistically one of the better defenses in the NFL. Manning would run this offense like no other, whether it be dishing off passes to Reggie Bush in the slot or throwing the long ball to one of better wide receivers in today's game.

Free agent Matt Flynn
Free agent Matt FlynnJim Rogash/Getty Images


Another ideal situation would be bring in quarterback Matt Flynn. He was in the Packers' quarterback depth chart for four years but now he is out there on the market. Does he follow his fellow former offensive coordinator? It totally makes sense from both perspectives. One, he can come into the organization and know what he is getting himself into. Two, he would be cheap for the Dolphins to retrieve. This kid has shown he can play. In week 17 this past season against the Detroit Lions, he made a name for himself throwing 480 yards, six touchdowns, and one interception.

As far as Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton or Donovan McNabb goes, they are complimentary quarterbacks that are at a point in their careers where they need to flash some light on their veteran presence in the National Football League. Campbell and Orton still have some left in the tank, but good ole McNabb is running on empty.

Quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn would better the Dolphins' playoff chances both short and long term. In regards to Manning's injury, he came out and said he is ready to play but his agent says no timetable is set quite yet.