New York Knicks: The Game That Means Everything Tonight Against Celtics

Jason Radowitz@@NY_Sports_WorldContributor IIIFebruary 3, 2012

The Knicks vs. Celtics games are always a thriller to watch, however, if the Knicks actually lose to the Celtics, Mike D'Antoni's job could be gone, and Amar'e Stoudemire could be traded.

Winners of just two of the last 12 games, the Knicks have struggled horrendously throughout 2012.

On Christmas Day, the Knicks snagged their first win of the season against the Celtics at home. After that, everyone thought the Knicks would be on top in the east.

Now we've found out the Knicks can't win games without a point guard and Baron Davis is having setbacks—which was the last thing the Knicks needed.

Derrick Rose showed the Knicks why they need a point guard, and tonight it's Rondo's turn, as he poured 31 points and 13 assists in their Christmas Day outing.

The Knicks continue to say they are with Mike D'Antoni, but they haven't been. The Knicks have played careless basketball that has ultimately ran them away in every contest.

If Mike D'Antoni goes tonight—if the Knicks lose—that means the Knicks will be looking to shop Amar'e Stoudemire to gain a better bench than what they have now.

This game means so much that the Knicks would probably start rebuilding their franchise around their two studs, Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony (Stoudemire would be traded). And that is not the reason those two players actually came to New York.

They want to win now, and they want to win championships.

Last night, the Knicks played very well, but couldn't stop last year's Most Valuable Player, Derrick Rose, who had an unbelievable performance.

The Knicks were down by just three, and D'Antoni called a play to go to Stoudemire for a three. He missed the wide open shot, but D'Antoni called the perfect call in that situation. Joakim Noah was not expecting that at all and was caught off guard.

Owner James Dolan doesn't give you more then three strikes, and D'Antoni is on his second, inches away from his third.

Funny though, James Dolan wanted to make the trade for Anthony, not D'Antoni. D'Antoni wanted to keep his team, but Dolan overruled.

Anyway, the mindset for the Knicks must be "win to stay in" the race. Because "if they lose, they'll most definitely hear boos" for the rest of the season.