NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Players Who Will Be on the Move by Deadline

Jason Clark@jclark735Correspondent IIFebruary 3, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Players Who Will Be on the Move by Deadline

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    Less than two months remain before the NBA's March 15th trade deadline, and rumors are heating up about guys not named Dwight Howard.

    Some of those rumors will become realities and some will become as dead as the Charlotte Bobcats' playoff hopes.

    Here are five players—some big, some not so big—who will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a new town.

Ramon Sessions

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    Cleveland Cavaliers guard Ramon Sessions has been generating a lot of trade buzz lately, specifically with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    The Lakers need help in the backcourt and the Cavs have little use for Sessions with No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving in the lineup. Also, the Lakers can provide the draft picks that are valuable to the rebuilding project going on in Cleveland.

    Sessions looks like a lock to be traded before the deadline, as teams like the New York Knicks have shown interest in him as well. Expect Cleveland to take advantage of this opportunity.

Chris Kaman

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    New Orleans Hornets center Chris Kaman has already been part of a major trade this year and may become part of another before the deadline.

    Almost an extra piece in the Chris Paul trade, Kaman is on the block because of his expiring contract. Also, the Hornets are in the middle of a youth movement, and because of that, Kaman isn't getting the minutes he wants or deserves.

    The best thing for Kaman is to be traded and start playing for his third team in two months.

Devin Harris

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    Devin Harris is another player likely to be dealt before the NBA's trade deadline.

    The Utah Jazz point guard has been put on the market as a result of his poor play. His 9.3 points per game are his worst since his rookie year when he averaged about 10 fewer minutes per game.

    However, Harris is only 28 years old and played well enough in the past to still hold some trade value. The Jazz will be looking for a point guard to replace him and eventually they will find one.

Amare Stoudemire

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    Amare Stoudemire was once the big free agent acquisition who was going to restore the New York Knicks to greatness.

    Now, he is at the middle of trade rumors that have been circling since the end of the lockout.

    A dropoff in production has many wondering if he can coexist with Carmelo Anthony, and as a result, teams like the Philadelphia 76ers are asking about his availability.

    The Knicks are at 8-14 and hardly look like a playoff team, much less one that is capable of a title run. Expect them to cut their losses and deal Stoudemire before it's too late.

Steve Nash

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    The Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash have been very loyal to each other and insist that they want to stay together, but from a business perspective, Nash needs to be dealt.

    Nash has been loosely involved in trade rumors lately and he has done his best to ignore them, but sooner or later the Suns are going to realize that it isn't worth it to hold onto him any longer.

    Loyalty is the only force keeping the two together, and with the Suns at third-to-last in the Western Conference, that force isn't strong enough to trump the business decision that will be made before March 15th.