5 Cities Most Likely to Get NFL Teams

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2012

5 Cities Most Likely to Get NFL Teams

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    During an interview with Bob Costas of the NBC Sports Network, NFL Commissioner Roger Gooddell said that the expansion of the league could go to 34 teams if a team lands in Los Angeles, according to ESPN.

    Very interesting.

    It's always fun thinking ahead to the future of our favorite league.

    Let's look at the five cities most likely to house NFL clubs, starting with LA. 

Los Angeles, California: 75% Chance

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    Quite the artistic rendition of what a stadium in Los Angeles would look like, huh?  

    NFL football hasn't been in L.A. since 1994, when the Rams bolted for St. Louis and the Raiders moved back to Oakland, their original home. 

    With the second-biggest TV market in the country and plenty of Southern Cal financial backing, including LA real estate mogul Ed Roski, if there's a new team in the NFL anytime soon, it'll be in Los Angeles.

London, England: 50% Chance

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    London's Wembley Stadium has an 86,000-seat capacity for NFL games, so it's certainly big enough. 

    It has hosted one NFL game for the last three years, making it a logical choice for league expansion. 

    They love their soccer across the pond, but with 7.8 million people in London, something tells me they wouldn't have a problem selling out. 

    We know the NFL wants to broaden its brand overseas, and a start in London seems to make the most sense. 

    After Goodell's comments about not wanting the league to have 33 teams, London could be the next home for an NFL club after L.A. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 20% Chance

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    Las Vegas would certainly provide NFL fans with all the entertainment they could ever ask for—and then some.

    But is there enough of a fanbase amongst the Vegas citizens? 

    The Vegas UFL team moved to Cleveland, which throws up some red flags for an owner looking to move an NFL team to the gaming capital of the U.S. 

    With the NFL a hype-filled, heavy-promotional league, though, Vegas could make a fantastic home for a team from the marketing perspective.

    Vegas has a population of 583,000, which closely compares to Portland, Oregon and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

    It's a few thousand people smaller than Denver, Colorado. 

Toronto, Ontario 15% Chance

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    Toronto hosts one Buffalo Bills regular season game a year, and every other year, a preseason game is held inside the Rogers Centre as well. 

    The turnout and NFL atmosphere has not been great during the "Toronto Series," but part of that has to do with the Bills' struggle to remain relevant in the AFC.

    The Rogers Centre has been nearly filled in Buffalo's games there, but a 54,000-seat capacity is extremely small compared to today's NFL stadium standards. 

    A new stadium would have to be built, and there are no current plans to construct a bigger venue at this time. 

    According to Canada's 2006 census, there are roughly 2.5 million within the city limits of Toronto, making it the fifth largest city in North America. 

Mexico City, Mexico: 7% Chance

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    There are no recent rumblings of an NFL team moving to Mexico City, but this LA Times article from 2010 outlines the ever-growing fanbase.

    Estadio Azteca holds more than 100,000, so an NFL-caliber stadium is already in place.  

    In 1994, the Dallas Cowboys played the Houston Oilers in the American Bowl in Mexico City in front of 112,376 people, making it the largest crowd in NFL history.

    The NFL could possibly be tempted to move a team to Mexico City because of its population alone. It houses 8.8 million people and is the largest city—population-wise—in North America.