WWE Smackdown: Is the Teddy Long/Aksana Storyline Ever Going to Go Anywhere?

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 3, 2012

picture courtesy of diva-dirt.com
picture courtesy of diva-dirt.com

Teddy Long started having an on-air romance with the WWE's new diva Aksana a few months ago.

That being said, the words "romance" and "diva" almost have a questionable ring to them, which also puts the storyline in question.

Aksana is best known for being on NXT and almost marrying Goldust, but the WWE has repackaged her so well that it almost seems like another character. It's hard to remember that she was even on NXT, though many fans avoid the show anyway.

Therefore, in many ways, she is getting her first real shot in front of the fans on Smackdown. However, she hasn't really competed and her match with Natalya and her "relationship" with Teddy Long hasn't really netted her anything.

The best guess is that she is playing a gold digger, but without seeing any demands, fans are left with quite a few different possibilities.

Perhaps she is trying to get paid without ever having to have a match?

Maybe she is trying to get a quick shot at the title?

It could even be possible that her character is actually attracted to Teddy Long.

While it may be fine for now, it is quickly approaching its sell date as a story angle. Some things can take years to build up and are fine if left alone, but this isn't one of them.

Aksana was introduced quickly and is being moved along at the same speed. If she stays stagnant for too long, fans will simply shrug it off and see it as a comedy bit with no real purpose. Unless that is the WWE's intention, it is just going to hurt her and whatever their plans were in the long run.

There is only a short window for her to make an impact and net the WWE some money. After a debut, it gets harder to sell or repackage someone.

The WWE needs to strike while the iron is hot and get her over or they are going to have wasted time and money on a segment that didn't pan out.

It has happened in the past, but this would be one of the times where it was brought on from a lack of focus and effort.

Is the Aksana/Teddy Long angle worth continuing?

With a lack of direction, it is honestly hard to know, but hopefully it keeps going so fans can find out.

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