Arizona Diamondbacks 2012 Goals: Stay Humble and Improve Base Running

Diamond NotesCorrespondent IIIFebruary 3, 2012

Kevin Towers, Diamondbacks GM
Kevin Towers, Diamondbacks GMChristian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Diamondbacks are not taking last season's National League West title for granted; they look at success one year at a time.

The Diamondbacks finished 2011 with a 94- 68 record, resulting in their fifth NL West title. The young and talented ballclub has everyone from the front office to their fans excited about 2012.

In a chat with Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers, he said he is very excited about where the Diamondbacks are at, but they are going to stay humble.

Below is a transcript of my chat with him:

DN: In early January you met with Derrick Hall (President & Chief Executive Office), Ken Kendrick (Managing General Partner), and Kirk Gibson and his staff. You said then that some individual and team goals were set. Can you share any of them with us?

KT: Well, the key thing for us is sustainability. We're going to stay humble. Our goal is to play as hard as we did last year as a ballclub. Continue to control the running game, as well as improve our base running. Our goal is to become a better team in that regard. We ran into a lot of outs. That will be an area of focus for us.

DN: With all the young talent in the D-Backs' system, both in the big leagues and minor leagues, do you have the feeling you could be sitting on a dynasty?

KT: I would say we're very excited about where the organization is, not only at the big league level but the minor league level. To have three of the best prospects in the Top 25 is a credit to our scouting and development staff. We look at it year to year. Our goal is to win the west and go deep into postseason each year but we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves.


KT: We came off a great year last year, but we have to play just as good a baseball to win the west. If we're looked at as a dynasty 10 years from now, we'd all be happy but we look at it one year at a time.

DN: Of the 20 non-roster spring training invitees who, if anyone, do you see that may surprise folks and break camp with the big league club?

KT: Tyler Skaggs and Evan Marshall are most likely but it's a difficult year for non-roster guys to make the team because of our depth. A lot will depend on our health. If we stay healthy, it could be tough but if there's an injury, that would make it more likely for one of those other guys to find their way onto the 25-man roster.

Kevin Towers and the Diamondbacks are building a special ballclub. If they stay healthy, not only will it be tough for non-roster invitees to find their way onto the 25-man roster, but the Diamondbacks may find themselves in the Fall Classic often.