Andrei Arlovski, Where Art Thou?

Racan AlhochCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2008

Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski seems to be fading from the MMA scene.

He has had four fights since April 15, 2006. These four fights include two back to back losses to Tim Sylvia on April 15 and July 8, 2006.

He beat Mario Cruz by Technical Knock Out and Fabricio Werdum by unanimous decision, leaving him with a mediocre 2-2 record after his last four fights.

What has happened to Arlovski? Is this the end?

Well, think again, Pitbull fans—he has confirmed on his website that he is back on his way to regaining the heavyweight championship. He is set to fight at UFC 82 against the undefeated Jake "Irish" O'Brien in a fight that will most likely not be broadcast.

O'Brien is a three-time state champ wrestler with an aggressive technique and powerful striking capabilities—but is he a match for Arlovski? I think not. Arlovski is a seasoned warrior with the scars and titles to prove it. If I was to loosely make a prediction to the fight, I would say referee stoppage in the first or second round.

For those of you who doubt the power of the Pitbull, here is some background. Arlovski became a feared Sambo warrior in his hometown of Minsk, Belarus. He was picked on by bullies when he was young, so he started weight lifting at 14 and training in martial arts at 18.

After enrolling in the police academy, he took advantage of the required sambo classes thus leading him to competitive fighting. He became the international sambo master, winning titles such as the World Youth Championship and the Sambo World Cup. Eventually he branched off to other forms of martial arts.

After almost a year-long hiatus, this fight comes as good news to Arlovski fans. Finally, we will get the dose of the powerful, menacing and shaggy haired Arlovski that we have been craving for so long—but unless you will be at the event itself you will probably have to watch the fight on the internet after it happens. 

Nonetheless, it seems to me that the fight will hold your attention for however long it takes—and it will be a nice warm welcome back for the ever-fierce Andrei Arlovski.