UFC 143 Predictions: Which Fight Will Steal the Show?

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 3, 2012

picture courtesy of espn.go.com
picture courtesy of espn.go.com

Many times when a fight takes the main event in a UFC pay-per-view it will have some of the best in the world competing.

Sometimes that makes for less than exciting fights. That doesn't mean that those fighters are always boring, just that they need to focus on winning and can't fight with reckless abandon at all times.

The main event at UFC 143 isn't one of those fights.

It's shocking that a lot of the media attention has been on Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz considering Carlos Condit is the one fighting tomorrow and in many ways he is more dangerous than the sidelined champion.

Both Diaz and Condit are known for finishing fights and making exciting bouts, so it is surprising that the majority of the media hasn't focused on their match.

The undercard is stacked as well with Renan Barao and Scott Jorgensen facing off in a fight that with almost any other main event would probably win the pick for Fight of the Night.

However, with a main event like Diaz-Condit, UFC 143 is going to save its best fight for last.

Part of the fun of the fight is that both Diaz and Condit are capable on the ground and on their feet. There is no limit to where the fight could end up and with both men known for finishing fights either by submission or knockout, there is also no limit to the outcome.

Condit may be known as "The Natural Born Killer", but both men have a reputation for leaving it all in the cage and trying to finish their opponents. While that hasn't helped them sell the fight to the casual fan, it has excited many hardcore MMA fanatics.

Those that have followed the careers of both men know what to expect tomorrow.

Normally in UFC fights an undercard fight overshadows the main event in terms of action.

Don't expect that Saturday when Diaz and Condit step into the cage.

And don't blink. It could be over in a second.


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