WWE: Vince McMahon's 20 Greatest Moments as "Mr. McMahon"

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WWE: Vince McMahon's 20 Greatest Moments as

Though Vince McMahon has made countless behind-the-scenes contributions to the wrestling business, one of his greatest innovations actually comes in the form of his on-screen persona: the evil boss to end all evil bosses, Mr. McMahon. 

Since 1997, McMahon has played, to perfection, the character of an egomaniacal blowhard who was basically drunk with power. 

Over the years, the devious Mr. McMahon has used his status as WWE CEO to bully others, make sexual advances on the divas and help those in his favor get ahead. 

He has pompously power-walked his way all over the company, and the reason it was so entertaining was because it all seemed so real.

Though his actions as Mr. McMahon were over the top, it never seemed like Vince, the real-life CEO of the company, wasn't capable of going on those same power trips off-screen. 

Sure, because of sexual harassment laws, Vince would never have a bumbling employee kiss his ass backstage, but as a viewer you never felt like it was something that the real-life Vince wouldn't consider doing.

Mr. McMahon ruled over the company with an unstable iron fist, and that was precisely why there was such hilarity in his many humiliations over the years.

His feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin spearheaded the Attitude era, as Austin equally perfected the unruly employee character who drove his corporate boss mad. 

There were so many memorable moments in the feud that it could spawn its own list, but not all of Mr. McMahon's most memorable moments included Austin.

Here are the 20 Greatest Moments of the Mr. McMahon character (The good, the bad and the downright hilarious):

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