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WWE: Vince McMahon's 20 Greatest Moments as "Mr. McMahon"

Thomas J. Harrigan Jr.Correspondent IJanuary 12, 2017

WWE: Vince McMahon's 20 Greatest Moments as "Mr. McMahon"

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    Though Vince McMahon has made countless behind-the-scenes contributions to the wrestling business, one of his greatest innovations actually comes in the form of his on-screen persona: the evil boss to end all evil bosses, Mr. McMahon. 

    Since 1997, McMahon has played, to perfection, the character of an egomaniacal blowhard who was basically drunk with power. 

    Over the years, the devious Mr. McMahon has used his status as WWE CEO to bully others, make sexual advances on the divas and help those in his favor get ahead. 

    He has pompously power-walked his way all over the company, and the reason it was so entertaining was because it all seemed so real.

    Though his actions as Mr. McMahon were over the top, it never seemed like Vince, the real-life CEO of the company, wasn't capable of going on those same power trips off-screen. 

    Sure, because of sexual harassment laws, Vince would never have a bumbling employee kiss his ass backstage, but as a viewer you never felt like it was something that the real-life Vince wouldn't consider doing.

    Mr. McMahon ruled over the company with an unstable iron fist, and that was precisely why there was such hilarity in his many humiliations over the years.

    His feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin spearheaded the Attitude era, as Austin equally perfected the unruly employee character who drove his corporate boss mad. 

    There were so many memorable moments in the feud that it could spawn its own list, but not all of Mr. McMahon's most memorable moments included Austin.

    Here are the 20 Greatest Moments of the Mr. McMahon character (The good, the bad and the downright hilarious):

Montreal Screwjob

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    Sure, Vince McMahon wasn't actually "Mr. McMahon" when this happened, but Survivor Series 1997 was basically the birth of the character. 

    Regardless of whose fault this situation was backstage, Vince McMahon was responsible for screwing over Bret Hart on-screen.

    McMahon fully embraced the evil boss character instead of trying to move on from the situation. 

Vince Tells Austin to Do It His Way, Gets a Stone Cold Stunner

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    One night after Steve Austin defeated Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XIV to win his first WWF championship, Vince McMahon kicked off Raw to present Stone Cold with a new belt.

    McMahon told Austin he needed to be more adaptable to the corporate scheme. He could either do it the easy way or the hard way, but he was going to do it Mr. McMahon's way.

    Austin suckered McMahon in by asking for some time to think about it.

    Stone Cold's answer? A Stone Cold Stunner for the boss, much to the crowd's delight. 

    This ushered in the Attitude Era, kicked off Austin's reign at the top of the company and fully began the Austin vs. McMahon feud.  

Austin Gets the Better of His Boss

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    Stone Cold repeatedly one-upped Mr. McMahon—he gave the Corporation a beer bash, attacked McMahon off of a Zamboni, filled McMahon's car with cement and pulled a phony gun on his boss.

    So it's really a matter of personal preference in choosing the most entertaining moment between the two. 

    Whether his eyes were bulging out of his head, he was flopping around on the mat drenched in beer or he was on his knees scared to death, it was always funny to see Mr. McMahon's reaction to Austin getting the better of him. 

Bedpan McMahon

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    Mr. McMahon made the mistake of crossing Kane and the Undertaker, and he received a broken leg as a result. 

    While McMahon recovered in the hospital, Mankind, who had begun to look up to Vince as a father figure, visited with a clown, balloons and, for the first time ever, Mr. Socko. 

    Disguised as a doctor, Stone Cold attacked Vince and pounded on his injured leg.

    Austin blasted McMahon in the head with a bedpan, then turned the defibrillator on him before sticking an I.V. up his tailpipe. 

Survivor Series 1998

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    One year after the Montreal Screwjob, McMahon struck again.

    The master manipulator suckered Mankind, who had started calling Vince "dad."

    Throughout the Deadly Games Tournament for the vacant WWF title, it appeared that a tuxedo-wearing Mankind was the chosen corporate centerpiece.

    He had easily defeated Duane Gill and Al Snow before Shane McMahon helped him screw Austin to advance to the final. 

    But it wasn't to be, as McMahon called for the bell when the Rock had Mankind in the sharpshooter, revealing that the real corporate champion was the Rock. 

Mr. McMahon Wins the 1999 Royal Rumble

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    Prior to the Royal Rumble, McMahon offered $100,000 to whomever eliminated Stone Cold, but he found out if you wants things done right, you have to do it yourself.

    Sure, he had some help from his corporate sheep, but McMahon was the one to finally dump Austin over the top rope to win the match.

    Austin and McMahon began the match as the first two entrants, and the Texas Rattlesnake took the fight to McMahon all over the arena. After the corporation ambushed Stone Cold in the women's restroom, Austin was rushed to the hospital and McMahon took a seat at the announce table. 

    However, Austin returned, driving an ambulance into the arena, and came after McMahon. 

    Austin and McMahon were eventually the last two remaining. But when it looked as though Stone Cold was going to toss McMahon out, WWF champion the Rock appeared, distracting Austin just long enough for McMahon to eliminate him from behind. 

    McMahon celebrated the win by having a beer bash with his corporate stooges. 

The Higher Power Is Revealed

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    "It's me Austin! It was me all along!" 

    With one move, Mr. McMahon showed that he would even screw over his family to get the better of Stone Cold. 

    For months, the Undertaker spoke of a higher power—a power even greater than the Lord of Darkness—that was in control of the Corporate Ministry. 

    Few expected Mr. McMahon to be behind the scheme, as the chairman had more than enough reasons to despise the super-faction. The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness had kidnapped Stephanie, while Shane had kicked Vince out of the Corporation before the two factions merged. 

    But sure enough,Vince's hatred of Austin overcame all, and he took control of the Corporate Ministry. 

McMahon/Helmsley Faction Is Formed at Wrestlemania 2000

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    Mr. McMahon had feuded with Triple H and DX in late 1999. The Game had even drugged Stephanie McMahon and taken her to a drive-thru wedding chapel before appearing at Test and Stephanie's wedding to show the footage. 

    So, it came as quite a shock when McMahon helped Triple H retain the WWF title at Wrestlemania 2000. 

    A McMahon was in every corner for the fatal four-way elimination match for the gold, with Mr. McMahon siding with the Rock. However, Vince screwed the Brahma Bull, nailing him in the skull with a chair twice to give Triple H the win. 

    McMahon realigned with his daughter and her husband, Triple H, to rule the WWF with absolute power for the next several months. 

Vince Is the Genetic Jackhammer

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    On June 26, 2000, Mr. McMahon interrupted the Rock and uncharacteristically professed his love for his wife. 

    Suddenly, he understood what she wanted: another baby created from his loins. 

    As only Mr. McMahon can, he hilariously revealed that "daddy was coming home" and that he would be Linda's "genetic jackhammer." 

McMahon Tries to Pull Down the Hell in a Cell at Armageddon 2000

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    When Commissioner Mick Foley announced the epic six-man Hell in a Cell match for Armageddon 2000, Mr. McMahon was livid.

    Those were his investments going to war in that structure. 

    When he asked the superstars not to participate, all Mr. McMahon received was a Stunner, Rock Bottom and a Last Ride. 

    So, he tried to stop the match in a different way: by completely taking the cell down. 

    McMahon and his stooges rode to the ring on the back of a pick-up truck, strapped some chains to the cell and proceeded to rip the door off.

    This allowed the athletes to escape the cell, creating more danger than before.

    Foley appeared, decked the stooges and had Vince hauled off by security. 

Trish Stratus/Linda McMahon Storyline

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    Mr. McMahon has done some despicable things, but none were ever as detestable as what he did to his wife in 2001. 

    McMahon engaged in a lengthy affair with Trish Stratus and demanded a divorce from Linda, and those weren't even his worst actions. 

    He also claimed that Linda had a nervous breakdown and had her committed to sanitarium.

    Vince visited the over-medicated Linda with Stratus at his side, and then made out with Trish while a wheelchair-bound Linda looked on. 

    During his match with Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania X7, Vince brought Linda into the ring, propped her up on a chair, and forced her to watch him beat up their son. 

    But Linda rose from the chair, kicked Vince in the "family jewels," and gained a measure of revenge over her husband. 

Mr. McMahon Buys WCW...or so He Thinks

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    March 26, 2001 was supposed to be one of the greatest nights of Mr. McMahon's life.

    He had finally beaten WCW, as his purchase of the company had been announced the previous Friday.

    On the night of the final Raw before Wrestlemania—and the final Nitro ever—McMahon came to the ring to gloat. 

    However, because of his affair with Trish Stratus, he was also embroiled in a feud with his son, Shane. 

    In an unprecedented segment, Vince's victory speech was simulcast on TNT (where WCW Nitro aired) and TNN (where WWF Raw aired at the time).

    To Mr. McMahon's shock, Shane walked out on Nitro to announce that he—and not his father—had bought WCW.

"Open Him Up!"

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    Stone Cold shocked the wrestling world by aligning with longtime rivals Mr. McMahon and Triple H, and Austin's friend Jim Ross wanted to know why. 

    After a disgusted J.R. ended the interview, Austin began to assault his former friend. 

    That's when Vince came out, telling Austin to stop what he was doing.

    But it wasn't an act of compassion from Vinnie Mac. 

    In one of his more quotable moments, McMahon urged Austin to bust open J.R., and Austin obliged. 

Mr. McMahon Begs Austin to Beat the Hell out of Him

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    Stone Cold had gone soft. 

    After aligning with Mr. McMahon, he had started playing the guitar, singing and bickering with Kurt Angle over McMahon's affection. 

    With the Alliance threatening the WWF's very existence, McMahon pleaded with Austin to return to his old form. 

    Mr. McMahon even went as far as telling the crowd, "if you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to beat the living hell out of Vince McMahon, give me a hell yeah!" 

    Austin didn't go for it, but it was a nice try by Mr. McMahon nevertheless. 

William Regal Becomes the First Member of the "Mr. McMahon Kiss-My-Ass Club"

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    To the victor go the spoils. 

    McMahon's WWF had ended the Invasion angle at the previous night's Survivor Series by winning the five-on-five match vs. the Alliance. 

    McMahon offered Alliance member William Regal the opportunity to keep his job with the WWF on one condition: he had to kiss the bare ass of Mr. McMahon. 

    From Vince forcing Regal to apply ChapStick, to Jerry "the King" Lawler's giddy commentary, this segment will be remembered for a long time. 

Rock Makes Vince Kiss Rikishi's Ass

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    Mr. McMahon had the tables turned on him by the Rock in late 2001, but not before the Rock had a little fun messing with him. 

    After saying that Vince's lips would never touch the people's ass, the Rock brought out special guests—first Jim Ross and then Trish Stratus—as a shocked and helpless McMahon looked on.

    After telling a visibly disgusted Vince he wouldn't have to kiss J.R.'s ass, he brought out Stratus and McMahon became wholeheartedly aroused. 

    But the Rock pulled the rug out from under Vince, and brought out the real ass Vince had to kiss: Rikishi's! 

    The Rock ended up shoving Mr. McMahon's head into Rikishi's ass, then declared the Mr. McMahon Kiss-My-Ass Club officially closed. 

NWO Poison

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    According to Mr. McMahon, WWF part-owner Ric Flair was slowly killing the company. 

    Instead, Vince wanted to kill his creation. 

    Throughout the night, McMahon kept talking about how the WWF would die with Flair in power. 

    Finally, Vince spun around in his chair—he had apparently been talking to a mirror the whole night—to reveal the three letters that represented the lethal dose of poison he would use to kill the WWF.  

    The NWO. 

    Even though the NWO storyline didn't work out in the WWF, this was still an awesome reveal by Mr. McMahon. 

Ruthless Aggression Promo

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    On June 6, 2002, Mr. McMahon stormed to the ring, which was surrounded by Raw superstars, to call for one thing. 

    Ruthless aggression. 

    McMahon listed some of his achievements—winning a lawsuit against the United States government and buying WCW—and attributed each of them to his ruthless aggression. 

    He demanded that all WWE superstars either display this trait or get out of the company.

    And with that, a new era was born in the WWE. 

McMahon Judges Bischoff

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    You have to think the real-life Vince McMahon enjoyed this moment as much as Mr. McMahon did on-screen. 

    Not often does one get to fire their longtime rival—someone who almost put them out of business—and also toss them into the back of a garbage truck. 

    Mr. McMahon did both to former WCW president, Eric Bischoff, in 2005.

    McMahon put Bischoff, then the general manager of Monday Night Raw, on trial. Bischoff, defended by Jonathan Coachman, failed to sway Mr. McMahon. 

    McMahon fired Bischoff, dumped him into a garbage truck and drove the truck out of the arena. 

"You're Fired!"

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    Mr. McMahon has uttered the words "you're fired" on many occasions, so instead of choosing just one, let's honor the catchphrase entirely. 

    McMahon began saying it long before Donald Trump popularized it on NBC.

    But it's not just that he says those two words; it's how he says them. 

    McMahon digs deep down into his throat to get the words out—letting the syllables ring around in the back of his mouth—before spitting them out like a fire-breathing dragon. 

    A real passion shows through when he does it, and it let's you know one thing. 

    Mr. McMahon simply loves firing people. 

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