IndyCar's Danica Patrick is Spoken For

FM Group RacingCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2008

Danica Patrick is spoken for; there was no doubt that the female driver stole the show at the 89th edition of the Indianapolis 500.

Though she finished in fourth place, Patrick gave the eventual winner Dan Wheldon a run for his money, her performance more than lived up to the pre-race hype. In so doing, Patrick has brought a lot of light onto the racing world.

The 23-year-old's finish was the best ever by a female, and it gave ABC its highest rated Indy race in over a decade.

Adam's take: Okay, if nobody is going to say it, then I will. If Patrick looked like a lumberjack and had a FUPA, nobody would care if she finished in the top five.

Now that that's out of the way, let me pose another question: Is there anything sexier than a smoking hot beauty working a racecar? Somebody needs to get a hold of Patrick’s management team and make sure that they don't fall in the same trap that Anna Kournikova did.

They need to make sure that she does no magazine spreads during the season and that the sport still comes first... unless Hef calls. Then Patrick needs to drop whatever she's doing and get on the first flight out to the mansion.

Peter's take: IndyCar Racing is not on the rise. You hear me? It's not. How do I know? Because Patrick is engaged. She has a fiancée, and is completely not on the market.

Somehow, amid several magazine shoots and heavy airbrush sessions, the media forgot to mention this. This chick has a ring on her finger. Off-limits. And in case you've forgotten, think back to how Anna Kournikova went away once Enrique Iglesias slipped right in.

Recall how Jennie Finch magically disappeared when that Diamondbacks no-name popped the question.

Men, especially us fat ones, like single women.

We enjoy the illusion or thought that maybe someday we can be Mr. Danica Patrick. But, as some other dude's old lady, she's just some other dude's old lady.

Danica Patrick came and Danica Patrick went.

Like a three-legged dog, she was fun to watch once—but not worth giving a second look.

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