Michigan Basketball: Hope in Ann Arbor

Ryan KolodziejczakCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2008

This year has not been kind to The Victors.

They've spent most of the season being the 11th ranked team in the Big 10.

They've yet to get 10 wins.

But they are improving.

They have won their past 3 games, which, as many Detroit Lions fan would tell you, is a win streak for them, especially considering it's their eighth win.

They started to look better in the beginning of February, as they seem to grasp their new coaches' concepts.

Is this the mark of the beginning of an era for Michigan BB?

Will they win the NCAA Championship next year? Probably not, but they will soon if they stay on this track.

Is this a fluke?  Probably not, considering they've finally beaten teams better than .500.  Either way, we will find out soon.