Does Eli Manning Pass Big Brother Peyton Manning with a Win in the Super Bowl?

Darrell HorwitzSenior Writer IIFebruary 4, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 19:  Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants and Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts embrace following the Colts 38-14 win at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 19, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quarterback comparisons come in all shapes and sizes. This one compares brother to brother, and before this season, any thoughts of measuring Eli Manning up against older brother Peyton would have been ludicrous.

Peyton is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step onto a playing field, while Eli was always thought of as a little bit of a disappointment, despite pulling off the Super Bowl upset of the undefeated New England Patriots in 2007.

Coming from the prime bloodline of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning, they both ended up the top pick in the draft their respective years.

Just like in school, where a younger brother follows in his big brother's footsteps a few years down the line, there are always expectations and comparisons, especially when the older brother was always at the head of the class.

Eli failed to live up to those expectations. Though a very good quarterback through most of his career, it's hard to match up when your sibling is a legend.

The question now being contemplated is if little brother surpasses the legend if he wins the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Peyton, despite an illustrious career, has won only one Super Bowl, in the 2006 season.

The idea of a player who "can't win the big games" has always been associated with him. His Colts made it to the playoffs year after year, but they always seemed to fall short, aside from their one victory against the Chicago Bears.








Whether that criticism is fair or not, it's certainly seemed like he doesn't always play as well when the lights are at their brightest.

In 19 career playoff games, he actually has a losing record of 9-10. His career passing rating is 94.9, but only 88.4 in the post-season.

Don't all-time great players step it up when it counts the most?

Michael Jordan had the highest career average in NBA history at 30.1 points-per-game, but in the playoffs he elevated that number to 33.4. Every time his Chicago Bulls team made it to the finals, they won, and he was the MVP. Every time.

That's what great players do.

Eli's lifetime QB rating is 82.1, but it jumps to 88.1 in the playoffs. While that's still lower than Peyton's, he gets better when it matters most. Peyton doesn't.


His playoff record is 7-3, and would become 8-3 if he beats New England in the Super Bowl for a second time.



That would be two more times than Peyton beat New England in the playoffs. He managed to put up only a combined 17 points on the board in his two games against them, which included a 20-3 drubbing in 2004.



Going back to the school theme, that would be like Peyton getting picked on by a bully and saying to him, "You better watch out, or I'm going to get my little brother to beat you up."



Peyton's career record is 141-67, while Eli is only 69-50. Peyton has almost double the career yardage, accumulating 54,828 in 13 seasons, while Eli has 27,579 in eight.

Peyton is an 11-time Pro-Bowler; Eli has made it twice.

Peyton has four regular season MVPs, while Eli has none. They both won the Super Bowl MVP when their teams won.


In the postseason, Peyton has had just one playoff comeback, and one game-winning drive, both in 2006.


In the 2007 playoffs, Eli had two comeback wins and three game-winning drives.


Considering Peyton's playoff record, his Colts were certainly trailing often enough that he should have been able to produce more comebacks than he did.

This season alone, Eli had seven game-winning drives. With a 7-7 record late in the season, every game was a must-win for his New York Giants, and he pulled them through each time.

So does a win on Sunday suddenly propel Eli to the head of the class when compared with Peyton?

One guy is an all-time great, while the other one is a winner.

Read into that what you will.