Super Bowl Commercial 2012: Confident You

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 2, 2012

In one of the stranger commercials we've seen, the environment seems routine. Potential buyer speaking to crafty salesman. But something's different about this—things seem odd.

Oh yeah, perhaps it's the dancing extra head sprouting from the customer's neck. He claims it's his confidence, but we know better. Now that we see the scene as Men in Black III, we can grab some popcorn.

But this is no ordinary parasite, clearly it his inner confidence as he stated earlier. The musical sidekick continues to scream "Baby, I want that car" with a catchy tone.

On the other hand, we're amazed that the customer even decided to leave his house with this kind of situation.

Amid all the turmoil, we eventually learn that helped this man compare prices on automobiles, and while we're clearly inspired by his knowledge, we're more curious as to how he's going to handle his situation.

With an obnoxious voice beside him, how can he possibly drive the new car, and why doesn't the salesman seem concerned?

As the commercial comes to a close, the customer chooses his desired vehicle and we are left humming "Hey baby, I want that car."

In essence, has succeeded. We were brought in like a lost fish caught on a hook. As soon as the song stuck to our ears, they became victorious.