Bridgestone Super Bowl Commercial 2012: Balls and Puck

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 2, 2012

Left with goosebumps and a dropped jaw, we're inspired with the clever tricks of Bridgestone Corporation.

At first we were baffled by the appearance of the PS3 commercial guy, but then we began to take notice and truly embrace the message.

Using famous faces, passionate drum rolls and constantly moving aesthetics, Bridgestone successfully grabbed our attention. Like a slap in the face, we had to watch.

Whether they're really prepping athletic equipment with their world-class rubber and tire-making skills or not, the company is certainly prospering.

With athletes like Tim Duncan, Deion Sanders and Steve Nash gracing their backyard, Bridgestone seems destined to join the sports domain and contribute several stellar creations.

But does the athletic realm really crave new balls and pucks? They're not exactly driving cars.

The traction may be phenomenal, but this new material would undoubtedly destroy hands and ruin careers. Hopefully they considered this strong possibility.

But let's be real—as soon as we saw the character referred to as Kevin Butler (played by Jerry Lambert), we knew the whole story.

And we weren't disappointed in the least bit. His refreshing comedy never ceases to please bored viewers.

Whether he's promoting a baseball video game for Sony or portraying a top engineer for an established company, he's always convincing.