Phil Jackson Memoir: 5 Better Titles Than 'Eleven Rings' for His New Book

Kelly Scaletta@@KellyScalettaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2012

Phil Jackson Memoir: 5 Better Titles Than 'Eleven Rings' for His New Book

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    Phil Jackson is one of the greatest coaches in the history of the game, and if you're talking about championships, he's the greatest ever. 

    He's coached two of the greatest players ever. He has a profound view of both the game and life in general. 

    His latest memoir is titled Eleven Rings. That is an OK title, but there are better titles he could have come up with. Here are a few suggestions. 

'Twelve Rings'

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    Technically, Phil Jackson has 12 rings. People forget that he also won one as a player with the '73 Knicks.

    I know that when you've won that many it's hard to keep track of them all, especially when you've run out of fingers. Maybe he should get two of them made into earrings. That way way he could wear them all at the same time and keep track. 

    Maybe it's 11 because the book just reflects on his coaching career, but I'd like to see how what he learned as a player carried into his coaching career too. How did winning that first ring as a player help him to win the 11 as a coach?

    He was widely regarded as one of the smartest players when he was a player. That would translate well into a part of this book. 

'What I Really Think About David Stern'

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    David Stern is easily one of the most towering and intimidating figures in the history of professional sports. The heavy-handed way he has run the NBA is about as totalitarian as any commissioner has ever been.

    Phil Jackson's insight and thoughts on David Stern would certainly make for an interesting read. He's alluded to him being too heavy-handed in the past. Now, unfettered with potential fines, it would be interesting to see him really let loose. 

'The Dumbest Questions the Media Ever Asked Me'

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    One of my favorite things about Phil Jackson was the way he responded to stupid media questions. His curt, often snarky answers were legendary.

    There are times where seemed to despise the very existence of the press, and there were times where he manipulated the press like it was his own personal puppet. 

    An intriguing book by him would be how he viewed how the media viewed him. How much did the media get wrong and how much, if anything, did the media get right?

'Who Was Better? Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan'

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    If there's anyone qualified to really weigh in on this question, it's Phil Jackson, who coached both players. What we have to go on are a few half-thought-out responses to leading questions. A book dedicated to the question would really be a fascinating read. 

    I'd like to see him focus on how the players played and how they led in the locker rooms, delving deeply into how both players led their teams not only on the court but also off of it.

    The things that are on the court and the stats are easily obtainable. What isn't is the locker room affect. Only Phil Jackson has the inside scoop on all of their combined championships. 

'How I Nearly Went to Jail for Killing Kobe Bryant and Shquille O'Neal

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    When all the turmoil was going on between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, my thought was always, how does Phil Jackson just not get so frustrated that he just caps them both in the head? 

    While The Last Season did delve pretty deeply into it, it was so captivating I wanted more. 

    I'd be interested in reading Part II of what his feelings are about all that nonsense. Part I was pretty darned intriguing.