WWE News: New Cruiserweights Show Planned for WWE Network

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WWE News: New Cruiserweights Show Planned for WWE Network
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Hot on the heels of the news about the much-talked about WWE Network having its launch date pushed back several months (the channel was original set to debut on April 1 of this year, but due to clearance issues and hiring problems, it has has been postponed until at least September), some interesting news has recently come out about the content of the upcoming WWE Network.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that WWE brass is planning a television show on the network that would showcase the talents of cruiserweight wrestlers. 

While this cruiserweight brand would presumably feature the smaller wrestlers currently in the company (like Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd), Johnson writes that WWE management have also been contacting various independent wrestlers about the possibility coming in and working on the programme:

WWE had been compiling a list of cruiser-sized talent that they could bring in. The list was as part of the development of this potential series...WWE has started to reach out to a number of independent talents in recent weeks. The belief among those I spoke with is that the company is looking for talents to be in the 200 lb. range.

Johnson also took time to speculate on possible filming locations for the show:

When and how the show would be shot I haven't confirmed, but WWE is interested in the Sunlife University's gym facility in Florida, where they shot several test pilots. WWE officials loved the state-of-the-art look of the building.

Interestingly, while much has been discussed about the WWE Network in recent months, especially their problems with gaining clearance and finding qualified people willing to run it, very little has been said about the actual content of the channel.

It is widely assumed internet-only shows like NXT and Superstars will make their way onto the network, both to fill up airtime and help garner these little-watched and largely ignored brands a bigger audience.

 It has also been speculated that some of original shows on WWE's new and improved YouTube channel, like Santino's Foreign Exchange and WWE Download, are possibly preludes to the actual content that will appear on the network. 

As of now, the only original show that has been confirmed for the channel is reality-show Legends House, which is set to feature retired names like Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik and Gene Okerlund, among others, and is due to begin filming later this month. 

As it is, this news about the cruiserweights show gives us some very useful insight into what the the programming of the network will look like when it does eventually launch, whenever that may be.

In addition to train-wreck reality programmes, the company's "B" shows, and outside-of-the-ring vignettes,  it appears WWE will also be attempting to highlight different types of wrestling to their audiences.

For WWE fans who have grown bored of the cookie-cutter style of wrestling and long for something different, as well as physically smaller independent wrestlers who may not have got a look in the company otherwise, this must be encouraging news.  

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