Kofi Kingston: 3 Reasons Why He Deserves a Main Event Push

Sean O'Neil@snoneilSenior Analyst IFebruary 3, 2012

Kofi Kingston: 3 Reasons Why He Deserves a Main Event Push

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    Kofi Kingston has created a lot of buzz in the WWE as of late since his incredible walking handstand to keep himself in the Royal Rumble this past Sunday.

    He then went on to defeat the Miz the next night on Raw, and this brings up the question: Is Kofi ready for a big singles push?

    Kofi has one the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and most recently, the Tag Team Championships as a member of AirBoom, and he is finally ready to make the jump into the main event picture.

    Here are three reasons why Kofi deserves a push into the main event, and maybe even the world title picture.

He is Incredibly Over With the Crowd

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    Next time S.O.S. hits during Raw, just listen to the crowd's reaction. They absolutely love him.

    The fans love a guy that they can really cheer for, and how many of those are there on Raw these days?

    Faces in the main event picture include CM Punk, John Cena (even though he's booed these days), R-Truth (who is just turning face) and Zack Ryder (who really isn't main event material yet).

    Only CM Punk is a true face on Raw that everybody loves in the main event picture.

    Enter Kofi.

    We all know that he has the wrestling ability, and Raw needs more strong faces to main event in the future.

He Deserves Better After AirBoom

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    The person that I hate the most in the WWE right now is Evan Bourne. 

    The guy was given an opportunity to revitalize the tag team division with Kofi, and they formed the team of AirBoom.

    Their futures were looking so bright until Bourne had to go get himself suspended not once, but twice. Kingston was left as a Tag Team Champion who didn't show up with his partner until they eventually gave up their titles at a non-televised event to Epico and Primo.

    Talk about a smack in the face. They couldn't even televise it?

    So Bourne screwed up. There is no need to punish Kofi for Bourne's stupidity as well. The WWE should keep Kofi on the path he's been on the past week with some quality victories and great spots.

    No more of this losing to Daniel Bryan in two minutes business.

He is Proven in the Ring

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    How about the fact that Kofi is just a good wrestler?

    His in ring ability is proven, and he's exciting to watch. He high flies, he's got moves which the fans really get into and when he hits a Boom Drop or a Trouble in Paradise, he does it to perfection.

    Kofi got the victory against the Miz on Monday, and it was an all-around great match. He pulled off a sneaky Trouble in Paradise to get him the win, and those are not that easy to come by against Miz.

    So what should the WWE do now with Kofi? Put him into a high-profile feud heading into WrestleMania. Maybe continue what is going on with the Miz if the feud with R-Truth is over or set something up with Alberto Del Rio when he returns, or even Dolph Ziggler if they want to go down that road again.

    Then maybe Kofi can get an elimination or two at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view to move him even closer to the main event. 

    Whatever the WWE decides to do, it is Kofi's time to shine on Raw as a top face, and now is the time to get the ball rolling.