Super Bowl 2012 Prediction: Eli Manning Will Defeat the Odds-Makers Once Again

Robert LeonardoContributor IFebruary 5, 2012

Patriot Slayer... Indeed!
Patriot Slayer... Indeed!Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The high-flying odds-makers in Las Vegas and the ever-insufferable number of bouquet-throwing Brady-Belichick pundits will once again learn that stardom, pretty faces, quirky coaches and even fancy records don't win championships.

Well balanced football teams do, and the New York Giants have one. 

Now don't get me wrong. Let's give credit to the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who are two of the NFL’s finest at their craft.

They have fought their way to the top of the food chain once again, and deserve all the hoopla surrounding them this week for Super Bowl XLVI, as it will be a record-breaking fifth appearance together. With a victory Sunday night, both Brady and coach Belichick will have no place to go besides being regarded as the Alpha and Omega of American sports history.

However, that grand coronation for these two Patriot legends will have to be put on hold for another season. For come Sunday night, the NFL's media punditry will not be doing much visiting in the New England locker room, as I expect a rather somber atmosphere there.

Let's face it, folks. Tom Brady cannot win a Super Bowl by himself—although he sure gets close—and all the Bill Belichick genius in the world won't slow down what will be a devastating pass-rush from the New York Giants.

The New England Patriots' only chance to win this game is to offset the G-Men's pass-rush by running the ball relentlessly, and hope the Pats' defense can play their best game of the year.

Somehow, though, I just can't see Brady submitting to such a humbling task. So I expect the standard 40-plus passes and a few smoke-and-mirror runs—an offensive game plan that will fail for sure. 

The template that won the New England Patriots' three world championships has been long abandoned; watching Brady throw the ball is just too addictive I guess..

So once again, that grand coronation will not take place this year for the New England Patriots' superstars. For it will be Elisha Manning—who like his Biblical predecessor, Elisha, who received a double portion of blessing from the heavens, may throw  laser-like passes on the Patriots' defense, and then running with a little thunder (Brandon Jacobs) and lightning (Ahmad Bradshaw).

Long ago, as the Biblical record indicates, the Prophet Elisha defended the name of Yahweh against the incessant worship of the overblown Gods of his day. Likewise, Elisha Manning and his New York Giants will defend their great city and coach, Tom Coughlin, as the true champions of the world, in spite of what all the odds-makers say. 34-21, Giants!