WWE 2012 HOF Class: Edge Deserves to Be Inducted in the Hall of Fame This Year

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 2, 2012

picture courtesy of wwe.com
picture courtesy of wwe.com

Edge is one of the few wrestler who recently retired from the WWE who is quickly getting inducted into their Hall of Fame.

In 2011 when he suffered an injury called stenosis narrowed his spine, something which he had already had surgery on a few years prior, he was forced to retire.

Most fans were pleased by this as Edge was a loved superstar who after years of being a top villain eventually lost the ability to be hated. Fans had always had an issue despising him except for a brief period in time when he and Matt Hardy feuded over a real life issue with Edge having cheated with Lita who was Hardy's girlfriend at the time.

Some have a problem with it and make the argument that wrestlers like "Macho Man" Randy Savage should be given a posthumous spot first. While it is hard to argue that Savage should be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012, or even in the last few years before it, that doesn't change the fact that Edge is going in this year.

And he deserves it just as much.

Most of the time Edge was just hard to hate. He gave his all in the ring and was part of one of the deepest tag team divisions in the history of the company. His tables, ladders and chairs match with the Dudley Boys and the Hardeyz changed the landscape of the WWE forever.

After a while, that dedication is rewarded by the fans.

The risk-taking Edge was cheered no matter what he did after some time because of the very fact that he took measures that eventually damaged his spine and other parts of his body numerous times.

He reinvented his character multiple times and went from a vampire, to a silly, but talented tag team, to an opportunist, to a leader of La Familia and then to a respected veteran. Each time he knew what to do to make himself stay relevant. 

He was also a lifelong fan whose boyhood dream was to main event at WrestleMania. Fans picked up on his love for the business and supported him even when he was injured.

Eventually his willingness to push himself lead him to having to retire from the business. Any man who gives that much to something he loves should immediately be recognized by it.

That doesn't mean it always happens. There are certainly more wrestlers who have been like Edge that haven't come even remotely close to being inducted like Edge is.

But the company has done the right thing when it comes to immortalizing the "Rated R Superstar" at this year's WrestleMania week.

There is only one way they can make it better and that is to let Christian, his lifelong friend and wrestling companion, be the one to induct him.

It is the only way that the WWE could make it better and for all he has done for the company it is what he deserves.

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