SEC Recruiting 2012: Guardians Gone Wild!

Dr. SECAnalyst IIFebruary 1, 2012

When a high school athlete announces the college of his choice, the selection of the hat only tells a small part of the story. It does not tell all of the hours in the weight room the athlete has spent. It does not tell of all the extra sprints the athlete has produced during his career. It also does not tell of all the cramming for school and standardized tests the athlete has participated in him.

As a result, when a room is packed with supporters and fans anticipating a student-athlete's announcement it is meant to be a time of celebration. However, there is a growing trend that has began to surface, and that is a guardian stealing the spotlight.

Last season's commitment of Cyrus Kouandjio to Auburn and then pending flip was strange. However, compared to the events this year with Landon Collins' mother and Josh Harvey-Clemons grandfather is nothing short of despicable.

In the case of Collins, his mother, April Justin, had every right to be dissatisfied with his decision to attend Alabama over LSU. As a parent who has sacrificed to help her son reach his goals of being a Division I athlete, she should have had a voice in the process. However, it was not her decision, but Landon’s.

Instead of supporting her son, she stole her son’s moment. A moment of celebration turned to a circus.

Fast-forward three weeks and perhaps an even more bizarre story has surfaced. Harvey-Clemons announced Wednesday that he would be signing with his home-state team the University of Georgia.

Harvey-Clemons had not only worked hard to get where he is but also had to do so despite both his mother and father passing away. What an accomplishment and time of celebration he should have been enjoying.

Instead, his grandfather is holding his letter of intent hostage, refusing to sign the document thus far. Instead of celebrating, he is busy reaffirming his personal commitment to the Bulldog nation and media.

What a sad affair and what selfish guardians.

I have three kids, and while they are all under 12 I hope I am never this selfish. This is not a parent trying to talk the daughter out of marrying an abusive drunk. These are young men going on to high education and playing football for solid football programs.

It is a shame when the children are the ones who are acting logical and with class.

Since the time of the announcement for Collins, his mother has gone to the press with fabricated stories of gray shirts and unproven allegations of Alabama bribing Collins' girlfriend with a job.

Harvey-Clemons' grandfather, Woodrow Clemons, has been peculiar during the whole recruiting process. There was him inviting Florida head coach Will Muschamp and Georgia football coach Mark Richt to church for their home visit. Then he ran to the press to brag of the big offering that was taken up when Muschamp was present. Then he had Harvey-Clemmons leave during the Georgia home visit to bail someone out of jail.

Really? No one else could do it during this crucial time during the recruiting process?

Shame on you, April Justin and Woodrow Clemons!