National Signing Day: Report Card Grades for Alabama's 2012 Recruiting Class

Michael CahillCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2012

The struggle would be to find one bad word to say about the Bama recruiting class. Again, this goes back to the same principle that we all know: If you can recruit, you can win.

USC was recruiting top-notch talent for years when they were winning all those titles. Now, Alabama is doing the same thing. Nick Saban knows how to get what he wants. Had Collins decided to listen to his mama, their class grade might have suffered a bit, but he made the smart choice.

Now, Saban will have some competition next year. Florida and Georgia got some top shelf talent as well, as they are part of ESPN’s Top 5. The good news is, no one is better at working with talent than Nick Saban and he’ll get the most out of an already stacked recruiting class.

I’m sure it feels good to be an Alabama fan. 


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