Deontay Greenberry: Switch to Houston Will Keep Cougars' Attack Strong

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIFebruary 1, 2012


That cheering you hear right now is coming from the fans of the Houston Cougars, who just landed what may be the steal of National Signing Day. 

According to Andy Boogaard of the Fresno Bee, receiver Deontay Greenberry backed away from a verbal commitment to Notre Dame and signed a Letter of Intent with Houston.

This is a big shot in the arm for the Cougars, who will be struggling to replace quarterback Case Keenum and coach Kevin Sumlin. A big playmaker on offense will go a long way in helping fill those voids, and Greenberry is just that.

Clearly they aren't taking a hit from the big losses to the program in the form of recruiting. 

According to Boogaard, Greenberry had originally committed to Notre Dame because cousin and teammate Tee Shepard is already there after graduating at the semester. After some thinking, Greenberry decided that it wasn't the right reason.

However, according to Mark Bradford of CBSSports, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly isn't terribly concerned with the loss.

"I used to have a saying about players like that and that was I'd rather play against him for four games than with him for four years," he said.

It is true that Notre Dame will be fine, but Houston is getting a tremendously gifted receiving talent. According to his Rivals profile, Greenberry runs a 4.4 40. What stands out there is that he is also 6'3" and 187 pounds. That is what you call a matchup nightmare for defenders. 

They can usually depend on going against a small and fast receiver, or a big and slow one. However, a receiver of Greenberry's size and speed will get the ball on both short routes and bombs and still be dangerous. 

He will be even more dangerous after bulking up. At only 187 pounds, Greenberry has plenty of room to grow into his frame. 

All of this is going to continue to work well. The man who replaces Keenum in Houston will have a nice receiver to work with. The new Cougars coach is Tony Levine, who was previously the team's receivers coach. Take a look at how his receivers did in 2011.

  Receptions   Yards   Touchdowns
Patrick Edwards   89 1752 20
Justin Johnson 87 1229 12
Tyron Carrier 96 958 5

They now have another man on campus with clear physical tools and a man that can get the most of them running the show. This is a tremendous boost for the Cougars, who have a stud player coming in to keep the offense as strong as ever. 


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